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Hindu Festivals in December 2015 – Hindu Vrat – Fasting – Rituals in Dec 2015

Dates of important festivals associated with Hinduism in December 2015 – based on major Hindu calendars and Panchang used in India. The festivals, Vrats and ritual days in Dec 2015 are based on Indian Standard Time (IST).

December 3, 2015 – Kalbhairav Ashtami December 7 – Uttpatti Ekadasi Vrat December 8 – Pradosh Vrat December 9 – Shiva Chaturdasi Vrat December 11 – Amavasya December 12 – Margashirsh month begins in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa

Jalahalli Ayyappa Temple Timings – Puja and Darshan – Opening and Closing Time

Jalahalli Ayyappa Temple is a popular Ayyappan shrine located at Jalahalli area of Bengaluru. It is one of the popular Ayyappa temples outside Kerala. Below is the detail temple timings. Please note that the puja and darshan time will be shortened during Grahan or eclipse. There will change in opening and closing time during important rituals and festivals.
Jalahalli Ayyappa Temple Puja and Darshan Time Morning opening time – 5:30 AM to 11:00 AM Evening closing and opening time – 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Special rituals like Bhasmaabhishekam are only held on Saturday

Detail morning timing
Nirmalyam – 5:40 AM Abhishekam – 5:50 AM Ganapathi Homam – 6:15 AM Usha Puja – 8:00 AM Uchha Puja – 10:30 AM
Evening Puja Timings
Deeparadhana – 6:50 PM Athazha Puja – 8:00 PM Harivarasanam – 8:25 PM

Forget External Crisis Work on Internal Crisis

The external crises are innumerable and there is nothing we can do about them. However, we can free ourselves from the crisis we create internally through our own negativity. By improving the quality of thoughts, we can put an end to many crises of our mind.

We spend hours discussing external problems, but rarely do we find time to understand our mind. A mind that is restless and behaving like an uncontrolled horse.

When the mind is tamed, it is peaceful and strong. Then external difficulties remain external. We are not shaken by external situations. We tend to realize truth. It then stays peaceful, free from sorrow and worries.
The only way to tame our mind is by closely observing it. Try to understand how thoughts arise. Get to the source. When we try to search for the source, it will slowly disappear. It is just like opening a seed.

Today’s Hindu Calendar – November 29, 2015 – Tithi, Vrat, Good Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festival

Tithi in Hindu Calendar on Sunday, November 29, 2015 (Today) – Krishna Paksha Chaturthi Tithi or the fourth day during the waning phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Tritiya Tithi or the third day during the dark phase of moon till 12:09 AM on November 29. Then onward it is Krishna Paksha Chaturthi Tithi or the fourth day during the dark phase of moon till 11:46 PM on November 29. Then onward it is Krishna Paksha Panchami Tithi or the fifth day during the dark phase of moon. All time based on India Standard Time.
How is November 29, 2015 as per Hindu Panchang? – It is an average day.
Nakshatra – Ardra or Arudhara or Thiruvathira Nakshatra till 4:17 AM on November 29. Then onward it is Punarvasu or Punirtham Nakshatram.
Rashi or Moon Sign – Mithuna Rashi till 10:27 PM. Then onward it is Karka Rashi.
Festivals, Vrat and Auspicious days – Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat. Moonrise time is at 9:19 PM
Kali Yuga Year – 5117
Vikram Samvant 2072 – Mar…