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Sun Temple at Aurangabad in Bihar – Surya Mandir at Deo near Aurangabad

Sun Temple at Aurangabad in Bihar is unique as it faces west, the setting sun not the usual rising sun. Surya Mandir is located at Deo or Dev around 22 km from Aurangabad. The presiding deity here is known as Trikal Surya – Forms of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Brahma depicts the rising sun, Shiva the mid-day sun and Vishnu represents the setting sun. Outside the main sanctum sanctorum, in the front hall section, there are three broken murtis. They are not worshipped but it is believed these were the original murtis worshipped in the temple. Invaders destroyed it. The broken murtis are of Surya (the Sun God) with seven horses, Uma- Maheshwara and Vishnu. Shivling and Ganesh murti can also be found in the shrine. It is believed that the present shrine was constructed between 8th and 12th century AD. The structure of the temple is simple and follows the Nagar style of architecture prevalent in North India. Legend has it that originally the temple faced east. During the

Shiva and Tripuri, the story of the flying cities

One of the famous stories associated with the warrior form of Shiva is that of him destroying Tripuri. Tripura or Tripuri were the flying cities of demons made of Gold, Silver and Iron. Demons Tarakaksha, Maya and Vidyunmali ruled over the three cities. The three demons were the son of Tarakasura who was defeated by Kartikeya. The three demons had propitiated Brahma and as boon asked for immortality which was denied and later they asked for three fortified cities which could fly around and could only destroyed with one shot of an arrow. The demons then with the help of Maya, master architect, built three cities in sky, air and earth. With safety of the boon, the demons defeated the devas and invaded cities in the universe. They started propagating Adharma. Indra tried to bring down the city with a single arrow but failed. Finally, Devas, saints and human approached Shiva. Shiva agreed to put an end to the rule of the flying cities. Vishwakarma built the chariot for the m