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Onam Pookalam 2005 – Photos of Pookkalam in 2005 Onam

Important photographs of Pookalam in 2005. Talk about Onam in Kerala and one of the first images that come to mind is that of the flower bed or floral (designs) arrangements known as Pookalam or Athapookalam. Onam Pookalam 2005 designs are given below. The traditional Onapookalam usually consists of ten rings indicating the ten day ritual during the ten day celebrations of Onam which begins on Atham and ends on Thiru Onam in the month of Chingam (August – September). 

Onam Pookalam 2004
Onam Pookalam 2006

Jambunada – Kind of Gold Used By Devas to Make Gold Ornaments

Jambunada is a kind of Gold mentioned in Hindu scriptures. Devas and other celestial beings use it to make ornaments. Jambunada is created from the juice of Jambu fruit.
Jambu Tree, which bears the fruit, is located on the southern side of Mount Meru.
The tree bears fruits and flowers throughout the year irrespective of the seasons.
Devi Bhagavad states that the juice of the Jambu fruit when mixed with soil and  acted upon by water, air and sun's rays, turns into the gold called Jambunada.
This gold is superior to any other kind of gold in the world.

Choti Diwali

Choti Diwali is observed on previous day of the main Diwali festival in North India. It is observed the day after Dhanteras. Choti Diwali 2017 date is October 18. The day is usually meant for making the final preparations for Diwali. Rangoli designs and Diwali gifts are purchased on the day.

Usually Narak Chaturdasi is observed during Choti Diwali in South India. Narak Chaturdasi is when Deepavali is observed in South India.

On the Choti Diwali day, women decide on the Rangoli pattern to be drawn for Diwali. All the items needed for Lakshmi puja are gathered on the day.

Hanuman Puja, Kali Chaudas and Abhayang Snan are observed on the day.

Vagh Barash – Dedicated to Cow and other domesticated animals in Gujarat
Govatsa Dwadasi – Dedicated to Cow in Gujarat
Neer Thumba Habba – Cleaning of vessel and ritual bath in Karnataka
Bhuta Chaturdashi – Dedicated to Bhutas or goblins

Uthirattathi Natchathiram 2016 Palan – Uthirattathi Natchathiram or Birth Star Palangal in 2016

As per 2016 palan, Uthirattathi Natchathiram will have an average year in 2016. Career progress. Health issues. Lot of hard work. Child birth. February, April, June, September and December are good months. January, July and November will see ups and downs. March, May, August and October will be bad in 2016. Astrology predictions or palangal for Uthirattathi Natchathiram for 2016 based on birth star is given below: Uthirattathi Natchathiram is the 26th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu astrology or Jyothish Shastra. Uthirattathi is in Meena Rashi or Meenakurru according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar in Tamil Nadu.

Career - Promotion and transfer. Success in new ventures. Those who have decided to quit job and start something of their own will find success. Increase in salary. You will be recognized for your talent and hard work. Additional responsibility and increase in workload. Multitasking will result in ignoring certain important matters. Averag…

Pooratathi Natchathiram 2016 Palan – Pooratathi Natchathiram or Birth Star Palangal in 2016

As per 2016 Palan, Pooratathi Natchathiram born people will have a good year in 2016. Success in career related matters. New house. Progress in business. Pooratathi Natchathiram predictions or palangal 2016 is given below in detail. January, February, March, July, September and October are good. April, May and December are bad. June, August and November 2016 will see both good and bad times. Pooratathi Natchathiram is the 25th birth star among 27 Natchathirams in Hindu astrology or Jyothish Shastram. The first three quarters or 45 nazhika of Pooratathi is in Kumbha Rashi or Kumbha Kurru (Aquarius Zodiac) and the next quarter or 15 nazhika is in Meena Rashi or Meena kurru according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar in Tamil Nadu.

Career - You will get independence to perform well in career. You will gather new knowledge and share it with colleagues. Those looking for new job will get numerous opportunities. You will take classes to learn new developments in you…

Sathayam Natchathiram 2016 Palan – Sathayam Natchathiram or Birth Star Palangal in 2016

As per 2016 palan, Sathayam Natchathiram will have a fairly good year in 2016. Good year regarding financial matters. Embarrassment. Success. Astrology predictions or Palangal for Sathayam Natchathiram for 2016 based on birth star is given below: January, March, July, August, October and December are good. February and November 2016 will see both good and bad times. April, May, June and September 2016 are bad. Chathayam Nakshatram is the 24th birth star among 27 Natchathirams in Hindu astrology or Jyothisham. Sathayam is in Kumbha Rashi or Kumbha Kurru (Aquarius Zodiac) according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar followed in Tamil Nadu.

Career - Good year in career matters. Increase of salary. New position might be denied. Lack of knowledge about latest developments in your career might hamper your promotion. Those looking for new job need to be more flexible to get one. You will have to work hard for success. You will learn new technology. Success in your fie…

Khajana Ritual at Annapurna Temple in Varanasi during Dhanteras – Distribution of Coin at Kashi Annapurna Temple

AnnapurnaTemple in Varanasi attracts more than 100,000 devotees on the Dhanteras day observed before Diwali. Such large number of devotees arrive in the temple to collect coins distributed as Prasad from the treasury of the KashiAnnapurnaTemple.
It is considered highly meritorious to collect the coin distributed from the temple.
AnnapurnaTemple has a unique murti of Goddess Annapurna and one can get darshan of it only for three days in a year. One is on the Dhanteras day.
The main sanctum sanctorum of the temple contains a gold murti of Goddess Annapurna.
The popular belief is that Goddess Parvati resides as Annapurna at Kashi and provides food all living beings on earth.

Live Online from Singapore Sri Mariamman Temple - Live Streaming of Arrival of Sri Mariamman’s Silver Chariot Procession on Mobile and Internet

The Silver Chariot Procession at the Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore attracts thousands of Hindu devotees. The festival is aired live online. The live streaming is available on the internet and mobile. The living streaming is available on October 30 and October 31, 2015 and early morning hours of November 1.

You can view the live streaming if available here – Live Online Arrival of Sri Mariamman’s Silver Chariot Procession

October 30 - October 31

October 31 - November 1

Karva Chauth Story in the Mahabharat Associated with Arjuna and Draupadi

There are numerous stories associated with the Karva Chauth Vrat. On such story is based on Arjuna and Draupadi in the Mahabharata. Legend has it that once Arjuna went to the mountains to perform intense austerities to please the gods and attain more powerful weapons. Arjuna did not return for several days as he was performing powerful tapas.
Draupadi was worried about Arjuna and sought the help of Sri Krishna. Bhagvan Sri Krishna advised her to observe the Karva Chauth vrat for the well being of her husband.
Sri Krishna then narrated how Goddess Parvati performed the vrat on advice of Shiva for a happy married life.
After hearing this account, Draupadi observed the Karva Chauth vrat and soon Arjuna returned home.

Popular Story Listened During Karva Chauth

Karva Choth fair and festival at Chauth Mata Temple at Barwada in Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan

Karva Choth fair and festival, which attracts more than 50,000 Hindu devotees, is annually observed at the ChauthMataTemple at Barwada in Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan. Karva Choth fair and festival at Chauth Mata Temple 2017 date is October 8. As per information provided by the official website of Rajasthan temples, the goddess worshipped in the temple is also known as Sheetala Mata.
Karva Choth fair and festival is held annually on the 4th day during the waxing phase of moon in Kartik Month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Rajasthan.
Karva Chauth Vrat and fasting also observed on the day in North India.
ChauthMataTemple is located in Barwada atop a hill and is around 25 km from Sawai Madhopur. A devotee needs to climb 700 steps to reach the temple.
The temple was established during the 14th century.
The temple is also an important destination for Ganesha devotees as the temple houses a Ganesh murti and large number of people visit the shrine on the fourth day after full moo…

Nothing is permanent or determinate – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

It is extremely difficult to get at the root of the cosmic energy, that perfect adept in assuming an infinite variety of forms. The consciousness to be apprehended and the power of concentration are one and the same.
Being polymorphous by nature, it cannot be pinned down to any definite form or name or place, as for instance, the internal experiences of the Dhyana yogin.
In the first instance, the attention of the meditator is silence in excelsis, this is transformed into light, the light assumes the form of space, the space in turn changes into movement. This is transmitted into air, and the air into fire, the fire changes into water, and the water into earth. Lastly, the earth evolves into the world of organic and inorganic things. The water from the rain takes the form of the juices in the grains and vegetables, which essences supply nourishment and energy. This energy takes the form of knowledge, courage, valor, cunning, etc. The limbless process goes on. Neither form, name, nor qu…

Today’s Hindu Calendar – October 30, 2015 – Tithi, Vrat, Good Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festival

Tithi in Hindu Calendar on Friday, October 30, 2015 (Today) – Krishna Paksha TritiyaTithi or the third day during the waning phase of the moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Tritiya Tithi or the third day during the waning phase of the moon till 11:32 AM on October 30. Then onward it is Krishna Paksha Chaturthi Tithi or the fourth day during the waning phase of the moon. All time based on India Standard Time.
How is October 30, 2015 as per Hindu Panchang? – It is not a good date.
Nakshatra – Rohini Nakshatra till 9:00 PM on October 30. Then onward it is Mrigasira or Makayiram Nakshatram.
Rashi or Moon Sign – Vrishabha Rashi
Festivals, Vrat and Auspicious days – Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat. KarvaChauth. Atla Taddi in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Karak Chaturthi. Dasarathi Chaturthi.
Kali Yuga Year – 5117
Vikram Samvant 2072 – Kartik Krishna Paksha Tritiya Tithi or the third day during the waning phase of the moon in Kartik month in North India - D…