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Nirguna Brahman - About Nirguna Bhakti School of Thought

Nirguna is one of the schools of thought in Hinduism. The NirgunaBhaktiSchool of thought believed in formless god – Nirguna Brahman. Sant Kabir is one of the founders of the Nirguna School of Bhakti and conceived Bhagvan Sri Ram as a formless God.
Nirguna School of Bhakti was split into two groups.
The first group gave importance to knowledge and had an intellectual approach.
The second group believed in love and attachment and total surrender to Brahman (God) for attaining That. This group was the mystics.
Brahman is the concept of God in Hinduism. Brahman cannot be described or imagined. Only that exists.

Banajaga Yatra – In Search of the Neem Tree to Carve the Puri Jagannath Murti (idols) in Orissa

Banajaga Yatra marks the beginning of Nabakalebara – the change of murtis worshipped in the PuriJagannathTemple in Orissa. Banajaga Yatra 2015 begins on March 29. The procession in search of the neem tree to carve the Puri Jagannath Murtis (idols) begins on the day. The yatra is undertaken from PuriJagannathTemple to MaaMangalaTemple at Kakatpur via Konark.
Banajaga Yatra exercise begins after an offering to Lord Jagannath in the PuriJagannathTemple on March 29. The main offering is a Agyan Mala it is specially prepared and is 12 feet long.
The procession is led by the Pati Mahapatra family who receives the Agyan Mala after the puja. The procession comprises of Daitapatis, Pati Mahapatra Sevaks, priests, carpenters, Lenka, Kahalia, Deula Karana, Tadhau Karana and security personal of PuriJagannathTemple.
The procession halts at the palace of the former king of Puri. Here permission is taken for the journey. The permission is given by giving betel nut and Mahaprasad to the leader of …