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English Panchangam 2015 – 2016 in pdf – Download Manmathanama English Panchanga for free

English Panchangam 2015 – 2016 is provided by the Thanjavur Panchangam and is known as the Surya Siddhanta Panchangam. The Panchangam is in PDF format and it can be downloaded for free and is for March 21, 2015 to April 8, 2016. This is the Manmathana Panchanga and follows the calendars followed in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
The Panchangam provides all the necessary details and auspicious dates.
Panchangam in English is provided by Thanjavur Panchangam and it is also based on the Surya Siddhanta System.
You can download the Thanjavur Panchangam in English here at the official website.

Kali Yuga 5119 begins on March 28, 2017 – Current Kaliyuga Year 5119

Kali Yuga is the fourth and last of the four Yugas in Hinduism. Current Kaliyuga year is 5117. It began on March 28, 2017. Kali Yuga 5119 began on March 28, 2017 as Hindu lunar calendar followed in most regions – Chandra Mana New Year. It begins on April 14, 2017 as per Solar Calendar followed in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Bengal – as per Saura Mana New Year.

Kali Yuga is started with the disappearance of Sri Krishna from earth. Sri Krishna was not seen on the earth from the first day of Kali Yuga.

The duration of Kali Yuga is 432,000 years.

Kali Yuga is believed to have started in 3102 BC.

Kali has numerous meanings – anger, suffering, grieve, hurt, confound and confuse. We can find all these characteristics dominating the earth currently.

The only way to attain moksha in Kaliyuga is by chanting the name of God.

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Chaitra Shukladi – Chait Sukladi

Chaitra Sukladi is the New Year in traditional Hindu calendar based on the Vikram Samvant Hindu Lunar calendar followed in North India. In 2018, the date of Chaitra Shukladi is March 18. Vikram Samvant 2074 begins on the day. This New Year is observed on the first day of the waxing phase of the moon in the Chaitra month (March – April) in traditional calendar. In simple terms, after the Chaitra Amavasi day (no moon day).

Shukladi is one of the methods by which a lunar month is determined. Sukladi means starting from the bright half of the month or from the day after Amavasi (no moon).

Shukladi method is followed in the calendars followed in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In North India also Shukladi method is used to celebrate the Vikram Samvat New Year. But here a month is calculated from Purnima to Purnima (full moon).

Tula Rashi Tree – Which is the tree associated with Tula Rashi Born People?

There are trees associated with each 12 Rashis. Tula Rashi also has a particular tree dedicated to it. People born on each Rashi should worship the particular tree. The tree associated and worshipped by Tula Rashi Born people is Spanish Cherry.

Spanish Cherry is the English name and the scientific name is or Mimusops elengi.
Hindi name of the Anuradha Nakshatra Tree is Maulsari Telugu name is Malayalam name is Ilanji Tamil Name is Magizhamboo Kannada name is Ranjal  In Marathi it is known as  Bakuli Bengali name is  Bakul
Tula Rashi born people should plant the Spanish Cherry. Water it. They should also protect the Spanish Cherry.

The secret of the mystic way is total and passionate lover for God alone –Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

The secret of the mystic way – including both path and goal, for they cannot be separated – is total, passionate love for God alone, for sheer Divine Reality; however you may envision or experience it in the depth of your being. This all embracing all transcending love comes first. Formal disciplines of prayer and meditation are of secondary importance, although they do arise spontaneously out of authentic love.
When all-victorious love actually dawns, the lover’s mind, heartbeat, breath, lips, and even limbs are constantly repeating and celebrating the beautiful divine names. This ceaseless remembrance fills the entire atmosphere of the person with the glorious radiance of Truth. This is the life of immersion in God – whether waking or sleeping, in company or in solitude, in the workplace or in the shrine room. This is both path and goal.
In the humid environment of egocentric ambition called the world, one must pray fervently – not only every day but every moment – in order to keep…