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Story of Shiva and Bhasmasura

Demon Bhasmasura performed intense ‘tapas’ (penance) for several years with only the thought of Shiva. Asur Bhasmasura kept on chanting nothing but Siva, Siva... Finally, Shiva relented and granted the demon the boon that he asked – that he could burn to ashes anyone whose head he placed his hand. There are numerous versions of the story. Below are some of the popular versions. An Asura, Bhasmasura showed his true color and he wanted to test the power of the boon by placing his hand on Shiva’s head. Shiva fled in terror and sought the help of Vishnu. Now, Bhasmasura had the evil desire to seduce Goddess Parvati. This was one reason why he was chasing  Shiva. Vishnu who knew about this evil desire took the form of Goddess Parvati. This form of Lord Vishnu is known Lakshmanjati. Vishnu in the form of Lakshmanjati was able to garner the attention of Bhasmasura. Soon, Bhasmasura forgot about touching Shiva’s head and followed Vishnu, who was in the guis

Ashtalakshmi – Eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi

In Hinduism, Goddess Lakshmi , the goddess of wealth and fortune, is worshipped in eight forms – Ashta-Lakshmi. The eight forms of the Goddess Lakshmi vary from region to region. The most popular widely accepted forms are those found in the Shri Ashtalakshmi Stotram. The eight forms of Lakshmi are: Adi Lakshmi (The primal mother goddess) Dhanalakshmi (One who showers wealth) Dhanyalakshmi (Food – one who eliminates hunger) Gajalakshmi (Power and Strength) Santan Lakshmi (Children) Veera Lakshmi (Courage and Strength) Vijaya Lakshmi (Victory) Vidya Lakshmi (Wisdom and knowledge) Other forms of Lakshmi that are included in the Ashtalakshmi list include – Aishwarya Lakshmi (Prosperity) Bhagya Lakshmi (Luck) Vaibhav Lakshmi (Success) Vara Lakshmi (Giver of boons) Saubhagya (Fortune) Rajya Lakshmi (Who blesses rulers) Veera Lakshmi, which is part of the widely accepted list, is also known as Dhairya Lakshmi. Similarly, Vijaya Lakshmi is als