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Yali – Animal with Lion’s Body and Elephant Trunk - The Vahana or Vehicle of Budh or Mercury

Yali is a mythical animal which has the body of a lion but with a trunk of an elephant.  In this form Yali is the vehicle or Vahana of Navagraha Budh or Mercury. As per Vaishnava tradition, Yali is a combination of elephant, lion and snake. It has the head and body of lion but with an elephant trunk and has the tail of a serpent.

It must be noted that modern paintings show Budha riding on a lion. The trunk part is avoided.

Yali sculptures are widely used on the walls and pillars of South Indian temples. When Yali is a combination of elephant, lion and snake it is mainly noted for its ferociousness and strength. Yali thus has the strength of an elephant, ferociousness and speed of a lion and the fear factor associated with a snake.

This type of Yali is sculpted at the entrance of temples and homes to keep away evil.

One of the popular story of Narasimha states that Yali was subdued by Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu. Therefore the utsava murti of Narasimha in some temples ride on Yali Vaha…

Shodasa Lakshmi

Shodasa Lakshmi is associated with Goddess Lakshmi in Hinduism. As per Hindu tradition, Shodasa Lakshmi is the 16 forms of Goddess Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity in Hindu religion. Shodasa Lakshmi Puja is considered highly meritorious as it bestows one with all forms of prosperity – it said that one will be blessed with 16 Ishwaryams.

The 16 forms of Goddess Lakshmi that are part of the Shodasa Lakshmi worship are:
Vidya LakshmiYaso LakshmiDhana LakshmiGaja LakshmiSanthana LakshmiDhanya LakshmiDhairya LakshmiSiddha LakshmiSamrajya LakshmiMoksha LakshmiSoumya LakshmiVeera LakshmiSri LakshmiJaya LakshmiPrasanna Lakshmi Sowbhagya Lakshmi The 16 forms rule the eight directions of the earth. All the 16 forms can be seen in the form of paintings.

Panchkroshi Yatra in Ujjain – Panchkrosi Parikrama

Panchkroshi Yatra, also known as Panchkrosi Parikrama, is annually held for five days in Vaishakh month (April – May). Panchkroshi Yatra in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh attracts thousands of devotees. The greatness of the Parikrama is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. The journey is essentially a visit to temples and sacred places associated with Hindu God Shiva in Ujjain.
Skanda Purana states that the five day Panchkroshi yatra bestows greater merit than the yatra of Varanasi.
The yatra lasts for five days. It covers a distance of 122 km. Passes through the four sacred corners in Ujjain.
First day of Panchkroshi Yatra in Ujjain The Panchkroshi parikrama starts from NagchandreshwarTemple at Mahakaleshwar after a holy bath in the KshipraRiver. The journey proceeds towards PingleshwarTemple. The first day journey ends here and it is also the night halt. A total distance of 12 km is covered on the day.
Second day of Panchkroshi Yatra in Ujjain The second day the yatra is up to Kayavaruneshwar w…

Book – The Power and Intelligence of Karma and Reincarnation

Book titled “The power and intelligence of Karma and Reincarnation” is authored by Dharma and published by Clink Street Publishing. The book is all about understanding the Hindu concepts of Karma and Reincarnation.
The author states that through Karma and reincarnation a Hindu gets an opportunity to return back and correct the wrongs. This opportunity is unavailable in other religions as one is condemned forever. So the author suggests that instead of asking for forgiveness for our sins we should ask for enlightenment.
Ask that you may see the wrongs you have done, the crimes you have committed, and the people you have hurt. Then you will have the chance to correct those mistakes and make things right. Wouldn’t that make the world a better place? That is what Karma and Reincarnation are all about. (Chapter 1 Page 3)
The book tries to prove that there is no eternal damnation in Hinduism; every living being gets an opportunity to correct the wrongs and merge with the Supreme Truth.

Spirituality is the genuine effort to know our true self – Dada J P Vaswani

In the simplest terms, spirituality is the aspiration, the genuine effort to know our true self.
Spirituality begins with the realization that we are not the bodies we wear, that this materialistic world we live in, cannot satisfy our deepest aspirations; that our unquenchable desire for wealth and power cannot really give us the joy and peace that we truly crave.
The problem with many of us is that we have completely identified ourselves with the body. But we are not the bodies we wear.
When I urge you not to identify yourself with the body, I am asking you to move away from the allures of materialistic world. The more we identify with the body, the more we want, the more we crave, the more we desire to possess, the more we get entangled in Maya.
Dada J P Vaswani