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Dharti Puja – Khadi Parv

Dharti Puja is observed by tribals in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. The ritual is also known as Bhumi Puja and is dedicated to Mother Earth. Dharti Puja 2025 date is April 12. The festival is also known as Khadi or Khadu Parv. The rituals associated with the festival various from tribe to tribe. The festival is essentially a thanksgiving for good harvest and also for a better future. Dharti Puja is annually observed on Chaitra Purnima Tithi or the full moon day in Chaitra month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in North India .

Why do we light fires during Holi?

On the day before Holi, also known as Chotti Holi, people light fire with dried leaves and branches. This bonfire commemorates the death of evil Holika. According to legend, the demon king Hirnakashyipu was fed up with his son Prahlad’s devotion for Lord Vishnu. After numerous failed attempts, the king took the help of his sister Holika who was immune to fire. She sat with young Prahlada in fire but to the surprise of all Prahlad came out unscathed. And Holika was consumed by the fire. The fire symbolizes the victory of young Prahlad over evil Holika. Young Prahlad, who represents goodness, was able to overcome the evil with his ardent devotion for Lord Vishnu. The bonfire that is lit during Holi represents the victory of good over evil.