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Story – Why Shiva Devotees Wear Matted Hair?

Shiva devotees (Aghoris, Tantrics, Naga Sadhus) have matted hair. There is story that happened during the reign of Daksha Prajapati which explains why Shiva devotees wear matted hair. A great yajna was performed once by sages at Prayag, the confluence of three rivers, Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswati. Shiva arrived at the yajna with Sati and all those assembled there stood up and paid obeisance to Mahadev and Mata Sati.  Shiva was seated with great honor. Soon, Daksha Prajapati arrived at the yajna and everyone stood up and paid respects to him out of fear. Daksha was arrogant due to his superior status in Vedic society. Shiva remained in his seat and did not acknowledge Daksha. Daksha Prajapati considered this as a mark of disrespect and angrily spoke in the yajna against Shiva. Daksha said that Shiva was uncultured and mannerless. He continued insulting Mahadev by stating that he did not expect anything more from his son-in-law whose attendants are goblins and ghosts and

About Bhimsen Rath Jatra of Lalitpur in Nepal – Pandava Bhima Worship

Bhimsen Rath Jatra of Lalitpur in Nepal is associated with traders and is observed on the tenth day during the waning phase of moon in Bhadra month as per traditional Nepali Calendar. The festival is dedicated to Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers. Bhimsen, who possess unimaginable strength, is worshipped as the God of Commerce by Newar communities or traders. It is believed by the traders that those who worship Bhimsen will be blessed with profit in their business and Bhima will remove all the impediments in their business. The Himalayan Times reports Talking about the Jatra’s beginnings, Kiran Man Pradhan, President of Mangal Tole Sudhar Sangh and the organiser of the festival informed, “It was king Yog Narendra Malla in 1701 who began the chariot festival of Bhimsen which continues till today.”  According to him, King Sri Niwas Malla, father of Yog Narendra, built the three-storied Bhimsen temple on the premises of Patan Durbar Square . And the festival begins o