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Navratri Fast in Gujarat – Food Eaten During Navratras Vrat

Navratri Fast in Gujarat is slightly different from other regions. Here is a brief idea on how fasting is observed during Navratras. The fast is observed during Chaitra Navratri (March – April) and also during the Saran Navrarti (September – October). It is a partial fast on all nine days. Special food devoid of onion and garlic are prepared during the period.

The food that is eaten during Navratras is prepared on the day after bathing and performing pujas.

Rotis made of Kuttu, or Singhare ka Atta, is widely eaten during the period.

Potatoes, cucumber, pumpkin and shakarkandi (Pink colored sweet potato) are widely used to prepare dishes during the period.

Spices are generally avoided. But some people use it mildly. Rock salt is preferred in all cooking.

Milk products are recommended during the period therefore dishes made using paneer, curd and sweets from milk are widely consumed.

All types of fruits are also consumed during the period.

Food made using garlic and onions are strictly…

Wise Words – Swami Adbhutananda

If you compare yourself with a person lying on the street, you will not feel pain, rather you will feel peace. As soon as you compare your own situation with that of a rich person, suffering will come to you. Give thanks to God that you are not suffering like the one lying on the street. You have at least a place to stand and some morsels of food to eat; you are not suffering much due to any particular need. One should pray to God when pain and suffering come. Moreover, one should see how many people are suffering more than you. If one can think in this way, one gets the power to endure one’s suffering and obtain peace of mind.
A small part of one’s mind turns towards religion and one starts to grow one’s hair long. My dear, if one grows one’s hair long, will that make one religious? Religion means one will have to realize God in this very life. One does not become religious only by saying: ‘dharma! dharma!’ One needs to do some karma; one needs to perform spiritual practices.

In o…