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Temple Dedicated to Ant – Urumbachan Gurusthanam in Kannur in Kerala

The greatness of Hinduism lies in the fact that Hindus are able to see divinity in all animate and inanimate.  Urumbachan Gurusthanam in Kannur in Kerala reiterates this fact. The temple is located near Thottada in Kannur and there is no murti in the shrine. Devotees offer prayers here to get rid of ant related in problem in their house or property. For local residents, the temple of ants is Urumbachan Gurusthanam. The faithful offer coconuts to Urumbachan, to free their residences of ants without using any insecticide. The belief dates back to several centuries, though there is no historical evidence. The Gurusthanam is associated with the nearby Udayamangalam Ganapathy temple, considered to be the second important Ganesha mandapams in Kolathunadu. Times of India reports  According to local legend, the original plan was to construct a Ganapathy temple, where the Gurusthanam now stands. "The carpenter fixed a stick at the site," said M Narayanan, a former office