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Onam, which breaks all barriers of caste, creed and religion, is the most anticipated festival in Kerala and by Malayalis around the world. Thiruonam is the day when the Asura King Mahabali (Maveli) comes to visit his subjects. Each house in Kerala decks up to welcome King Maveli, who during his reign made the ideas of a utopian rule a reality. In 2018, the date of Onam is August 25. Onam is celebrated over four days – first Onam or Onnam Onam is on August 24. Second Onam or the most important day of Onam is Thiruonam and it is on  August 25. Third Onam or Munnam Onam is on  August 26. Fourth Onam or Naalam Onam is on  August 27.
The preparation for Onam begins on the Atham nakshatram day in the Malayalam Chingam month (August – September). Atham falls around 10 days before Thiruonam. Onam festival begins on Atham day, around 10 days before Thiruonam. People begin purchases for the onam which include new dresses for all the people in the family. During these ten days children and wom…

Onam Story – Onam Festival Story of Mahabali and Vamana

The story of Onam festival is associated with the Vamana incarnation of Vishnu and King Mahabali (Mavelio). Onam, the most popular festival in Kerala, is the day when the legendary Asura king Mahabali visits his subjects. Mahabali had turned his kingdom into a virtual paradise on earth and the ‘devas’ could not tolerate this and they sought the help of Lord Vishnu to eliminate Maveli. Onam is perhaps a rare Hindu festival in which Lord Vishnu, the vanquisher, is the villain and the vanquished King Mahabali the hero.

As per Puranas, the Asura or demon King Mahabali made the utopian kingdom a reality. His fame spread all over the earth and the netherworld and slowly into the heaven.

Indra, the king of Devas and the ruler of heaven, felt threatened by the growing popularity of Mahabali.

Aditi, the mother of Indra, observed a penance called 'payovrata' to help her son and pleased with her devotion Lord Vishnu was born as Vamana, a dwarf, to Aditi.

Vamana approached Mahabali who w…

Sri Ramakrishna on Three Kinds of Love

There are other kinds of love: sadharani, samanjasa, and samartha. In the first, which is ordinary love, the lover seeks his own happiness; he doesn’t care whether the other person is happy or not. That was Chandravali’s attitude toward Krishna.
In the second, which is a compromise, both seek each other’s happiness. This is a noble kind of love. But the third is the highest of all.
Such a lover says to his beloved, ‘Be happy yourself, whatever may happen to me.’ Radha had this highest love. She was happy in Krishna’s happiness. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa