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Bhutadi Amavasya

Bhutadi Amavasya is observed mainly in Ujjain during the Sarva Pitru Paksha Amavasya in Ashwin month. Bhutadi Amavasya 2018 date is on October 8. The main ritual includes taking holy dip or bath in river, pond or other water bodies.
The main holy dip in Ujjain during Bhutadi Amavasya takes place at the Bawan Kund (52 Pool) near the KaliyadehPalace. It is widely believed that those people who are afflicted by evil spirits will get relief after taking holy dip in the Bawan Kund.
The day is also famous as Sarva Pitru Puja and marks the end of the Shradh fortnight.

Atharvan in the Vedas

Atharavan is the name of a Rishi found in the Rig Veda and the Atharva Veda. As per Shatapatha Brhamana he is an ancient wise teacher. It is widely accepted that the Atharva Veda, the fourth of the Vedas, was once known as Atharvana Veda.
It is stated in the Rig Veda that Atharvan produced Agni or fire. Thus he was the messenger of Surya (Sun) on Earth.
Rig Veda also mentions that he brought order on earth through Yajnas. He had the blessings of Indra.
Atharva Veda mentions about the rishi receiving Kamadhenu, divine cow, as a gift from Varuna. The Rishi is believed to have gifted ‘Soma Juice’ to Indra.
Atharvan is also a generic term used to refer to priests in the Vedas. Thus Rig Veda mentions about Bhishaj Atharvana and Brihaddiva Atharvana.
The prefix Bhishaj relates to physician. Thus the Atharvana priests might have been famous physicians. This argument gets more strength as Bhishaj Atharvana is a composer of Atharva Veda, which is mainly concerned with cures.
It must be noted…

Vamana Temple in North Kerala at Kodavalam Village near Kanhangad - Kodavalam Vishnu Temple

The most popular VamanaTemple in Kerala is located at Thrikkakara near Ernakulam. But there is another VamanaTemple in North Kerala at KodavalamVillage near Kanhangad. Here the Vamana Murti is in the form of Vishwaroopam that He had shown to King Mahabali. Kodavalam Vishnu Temple is more than 1100 year old and is also associated with the Teyyam ritual. 

The murti of Vamana Avatar of Vishnu worshipped here has four hands and holds – Conch, mace, disc and lotus.
At the entrance of the temple there is a painting of the Trivikrama form of Vishnu – the form that Vishnu took before Mahabali.
Apart from the Vamana murti, there are murtis of Ganesha, Bhagavati and Shasta in the temple.

The temple is around 3.5 kilometer from Pullur Bus Station on the highway.

Postage Stamps with Picture of Hindu God Ganesha in Countries Other Than India

Countries other than India that have published postage stamps, post card, first day covers and cancellation include United States, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Laos and Czech Republic. The Hindu reports
Devotion to the elephant-headed god is not limited to India. A number of countries, including the U.S., Thailand, and Sri Lanka, have issued postage stamps on Lord Ganesha, says city-based philatelist Commander (Retd.) G. Sri Rama Rao.  Digging out his collection of theme-based stamps, he noted that Indonesia issued a stamp on Ganesha on April 1, 1994. He has in his collection the stamps issued by Nepal and Sri Lanka, and the one issued by Laos on February 5, 1971. The U.S. Post has also issued a stamp featuring Ganesha.

Santan Saptami Vrat 2018 Date

Santan Saptami Vrat is observed on the seventh day during the waxing phase of moon, or Shukla Paksha, of Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar. Santan Saptami Vrat 2018 date is September 16. This vrat is observed for begetting children and also for removing all the worries associated with children. The greatness of Santan Saptami Vrat was narrated to Yudhishtira by Sri Krishna.
Married couples who desire to have healthy children pray to Hindu God Shiva and Goddess Parvati on the day. This vrat is performed by both men and women.
How to observe Santan Saptami Vrat?

On the day of the Santan Saptami Vrat, those performing the vrat wake up early in the morning and offer prayers to Visnu, Shiva and Parvati.

In the afternoon special prayers are offered to Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Offerings made include paste of sandalwood, rice, lamps, naivedya (Prasad), supari and coconut.

Prasad is prepared using jaggery – it is any sweet that contains jaggery or kheer. In some regions…

Ganesha Prayer and Quotes from Ganesh Upanishad

I surrender to you, Lord Ganesha. You are the speaker. You are the listener. You are the giver. You are the sustainer. I am your disciple. Protect me from the front and back. Protect me from the north and the south, from above and below. Protect me from all directions.
You are full of perfect knowledge of truth and awareness. You are full of bliss and pure consciousness. You are truth, consciousness and bliss. You are the absolute awareness. You are full of supreme wisdom and knowledge.
You are the earth, water, fire, air and the space. You are the root foundation of speech. You are beyond the three gunas: ‘sattva’, ‘rajas’ and ‘tamas.’ You are beyond the physical, mental and causal bodies. You are beyond the three aspects of time: past, present and future. You are eternally established in the muladhara chakra. You have three shaktis: action, knowledge and will.
Salutation to the Ganapati whose seed mantra is Aum Gam. We know Ekadanta, the One-tusked God, the unique God. We meditate …

Many God Worship in Hinduism is better than Single God Worship in Monotheistic Religion

Hinduism believes in numerous gods because the basic teaching of Hindu Religion is that there are numerous ways to reach god. Respect is given to each individual’s quest for self realization. Monotheistic religions believe that there is only single god; there is only one path to god; there is only one truth about god. If an individual does not want to follow the path, or the god of the monotheistic religion, he is against god or satanic. Conflict begins.
Monotheistic religions make its followers believe that only their god is true. The result is conflict with other religions. This is a very big problem we are facing today. Such teaching is also promoting ignorance. It is making the individual helpless. Independent thought process is crushed.
X religion followers believe that god belongs to the X religion. Thus God is put in a box and marked X. The X god will curse all other religions. The very basic thought of such religions are negative.
Hinduism too did face this problem when banne…