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Ekapada Shiva – Single Leg Form of Shiva

Ekapada Shiva is a unique murti form of Shiva with Bhagvan Vishnu and Brahma emerging from him. This form of Shiva with a single leg is closely associated with Tantric worship. This murti form of Shiva is found in South India, Orissa, Rajasthan and Nepal.
There are three types of Ekapada Shiva murti – one is Ekapada Murti, Ekapada Trimurti and Ekapada Bhairava.
Ekapada Shiva is a symbolic representation of the cosmic pillar form that Shiva took. This pillar is referred as Jyotirlinga or Lingodabava murti. It is believed to be column of fire that appears during the beginning of a cycle of creation.
Mention of the murti is found in various Agama texts and also in the Linga Purana.
The Linga Purana states that
“the lord who has one foot, four arms, three eyes and a trident ... who is stationed after creating Vishnu from his left side and four-headed Brahma from his right side.”

Magha Nakshatra Colour – Which is the Lucky Color of Magha Nakshatra?

Magha Nakshatra is the tenth among the 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. The lucky colors associated with Magha Nakshatra are Red and Rose. As per Hindu astrology a particular type of color is dedicated to a certain Nakshatra which is lucky for the birth star.
Magha Nakshatra is housed in Simha Rashi or Leo Zodiac
Wearing red or rose color dress for interviews and other competitions are lucky for those people born in this Nakshatra.
The colors to be completely avoided are silver and black.

Largest Museum on Hanuman in the World

The largest HanumanMuseum in the world is located at Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, India, and is a storehouse of information on Hanuman. The museum is set up by Sunil Gomber, an ardent devotee of Hanuman. Deccan Herald reports  Just enter the museum and you will find a complete world of Hanuman artefacts, portraits, murals, statues, relics, books and cassettes. In fact, this museum has been certified by the Limca Book of Records as the largest Hanuman Museum in the world. This is solely due to the efforts of Sunil Gomber, a prominent publisher of Lucknow, who has donated, since 2004, portions of his mansion at Indira Nagar at Lucknow for the museum.  The museum has more than 700 rare portraits, carefully collected by Gomber. The seven portfolios, prominently disp¬la¬yed on the walls, show Hanuman in different moods and varied emotions like “veer rasa” and “bhakti rasa.”  One of the portfolios even shows Lord Rama dressing up Hanuman. The murals throw up different aspects of his lif…

We must keep on clearing out daily-accumulating mental rubbish – Swami Chinmayananda

Let not your choice leave behind a sense of guilt. Try to be good, never mind if you fail. Every good thought sent out rebounds with a hundred times its force upon the sender himself.

In spite of all our best efforts, we may slip now and then. But that need not worry us. We are imperfect ones trying our best to gain perfection. Let every slip in us be an education for us. Let us grow and expand, ultimately to improve, to shine out.

A strong mind is cultivated by living moral values. All outer actions start gathering a dazzling polish, once your mental values change. A morally strong person spends less of his mental powers in facing the day to day problems of life. Moral values and ethical principles adopted and accepted by you must be lived fearlessly, even in the face of death. Never compromise, under any amount of pressure. You will find God's help coming to you, to pull you out from even the direst situation.
We must keep on clearing out daily-accumulating mental rubbish. This…