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Ekapada Shiva – Single Leg Form of Shiva

Ekapada Shiva is a unique murti form of Shiva with Bhagvan Vishnu and Brahma emerging from him. This form of Shiva with a single leg is closely associated with Tantric worship. This murti form of Shiva is found in South India, Orissa, Rajasthan and Nepal.

There are three types of Ekapada Shiva murti – one is Ekapada Murti, Ekapada Trimurti and Ekapada Bhairava.

Ekapada Shiva is a symbolic representation of the cosmic pillar form that Shiva took. This pillar is referred as Jyotirlinga or Lingodabava murti. It is believed to be column of fire that appears during the beginning of a cycle of creation.

Mention of the murti is found in various Agama texts and also in the Linga Purana.

The Linga Purana states that

“the lord who has one foot, four arms, three eyes and a trident ... who is stationed after creating Vishnu from his left side and four-headed Brahma from his right side.”