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Eight Important Tasks of Ganesha

Mudgala Purana, an ancient Holy text dedicated to Sri Ganesha, refers to eight important tasks of Ganesha. These eight important functions are explained through the eight important attributes of the Ganesh Murti. The eight important tasks are:

Ekadanta – Single Tusked – Conqueror of Arrogance
Dhumravarna – Smoke Colored – Conqueror of Pride
Vakratunda – Curved Trunk – Conqueror of Jealousy
Mahodara – Big Bellied – Conqueror of Infatuation
Gajanan – Elephant Face – Conqueror of Greed.
Lambodara – Corpulent Belly – Conqueror of Anger
Viku – Deformed – Conqueror of Lust
Vighnaraja – King of Obstacles – Conqueror of Selfishness.