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Magician and his magic – Story by Sri Ramakrishna

Magician and his magic is a popular story by Sri Ramakrishna. Shiva was seated in Kailas . His companion Nandi was near Him. Suddenly a terrific noise arose. ‘Revered Sir,’ asked Nandi, ‘what does that mean?’ Shiva said: ‘Ravana is born. That is its meaning.’ A few moments later another terrific noise was heard. 'Now what is this noise?’ Nandi asked. Shiva said with a smile, ‘Now Ravana is dead.’ Birth and death are like magic: you see the magic for a second and then it disappears. God alone is real and all else unreal. Water alone is real; its bubbles appear and disappear. They disappear into the very water from which they rise. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa   The last statement reflects a philosophical perspective that emphasizes the transient nature of life and the ultimate reality of God or a higher power. Let's break it down: "Birth and death are like magic : you see the magic for a second and then it disappears." This analogy comp