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Contact Details of Samayapuram Temple – Contact Details and Phone Number Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

SamayapuramMariammanTemple contact details are given below with phone number. The temple is located at Samayapuram of Trichy or Tiruchirapalli District in Tamil Nadu. SamayapuramTemple is situated on the Trichy – Chennai. The temple is 15 km from Trichy. Nearest railway station is also Trichy.
Contact Details of the Temple: Joint Commissioner / Executive Officer, ArulmiguMaariammanTemple, Samayapuram – 621 112, Trichy District, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone Number SamayapuramTemple: 0431 – 2670460, 04312670557
Email - [email protected]

Two Scholars on a Mission to Encourage Women Learn Vedas

Mysore-based Samveda Mahamandala President K.R. Manjunatha Shrouthy and Upapradhan Acharya of Acharyakulam (Haridwar) Krishna Bhatt are on a mission to encourage women learn the Vedas. The two scholars are fighting the false belief that women cannot learn Vedas. The Hindu reports  Contrary to the popular belief that women are prohibited from learning the Vedas, here are two scholars who are on a mission to encourage women in mastering them. Speaking to The Hindu, Mysore-based Samveda Mahamandala President K.R. Manjunatha Shrouthy said not a single word was mentioned in the Vedas prohibiting woman from learning them. “It is a misconception that reciting mantras from Vedas would affect child-bearing. In fact, there are some mantras like those found in Tandya Brahmana which should be recited by only women,” he pointed out. Upapradhan Acharya of Acharyakulam (Haridwar) Krishna Bhatt taught the Rig Veda to his wife after their marriage.  “She did her Masters and M. Phil after marriage. She…

Swami Sivananda on Death

Death is nothing. It is the conception of death which haunts you. As there are changes in your body childhood, youth, etc., - death is but a natural stage of passing from one receptacle to another.
Once man becomes convinced of the nature of death, that death is not annihilation or destruction, but only a change — a wonderful strength is infused in us.
This distinction of the body in reality is only like an ordinary change of the four seasons in the same year.
This assurance that death is nothing but a mere change, gives a great fearlessness
and courage to mankind and for this message of fearlessness and for this method of attaining that stage — for the solution of the problem of death, mankind has to be eternally grateful to the Bhagavad Gita.
Swami Sivananda