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Mother of Shatrughna in Ramayana – Who is the Mother of Shatrughna in the Ramayan?

Shatrughna is the youngest of the four brothers in the Ramayana. But who was the mother of Shatrughna in the Ramayan. Dasharatha had three wives Kousalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. Sumitra gave birth to twins – Lakshman and Shatrughna.
Therefore mother of Shatrughna in the Ramayana is Sumitra.
Sumitra was the daughter of King of Kashi. She was the third wife of Dasharatha.

Which is the Lucky Color of Rohini Nakshatra?

Rohini Nakshatra is the fourth among the 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. The lucky color associated with Rohini Nakshatra are white and Silver. As per astrology a particular type of color is dedicated to a certain Nakshatra which is lucky for the birth star.
Rohini Nakshatra is housed in Vrishabha Rasi or Taurus Zodiac.
Wearing white or silver color dress for interviews and other competitions are lucky for those people born in this nakshatra.
The colors to be completely avoided are yellow and deep red.

Mithuna Rashi Rudraksha – Which Rudraksha Should Mithuna Rashi Born People Wear?

Each Rashi born people as per Hindu Astrology should wear a particular face Rudraksha for success, love, peace and prosperity. Mithuna Rashi born people should wear Rudraksh with four or six or thirteen faces. Wearing of which will bring in all round success to Mithuna Rashi or Gemini Zodiac.
The deity associated with four face Rudraksh is Brahma.
The deity associated with six face Rudraksha is Kartik or Subrahmanya.
The devotee who wears four face will also have the blessing of Budha Graha. One wearing six face will have the blessing of Birhaspati or Jupiter.
Along with wearing of the Rudraksh one should practice self control, worship of personal deity and good thoughts.
Performing food donation and distributing clothes after the wearing the Rurdraksh is highly meritorious for Mithuna Rashi People.
Some scholars are also of the view that Vrishabha Rasi born people can wear thirteen face Rudraksha. The god associated with 13 face is Kartik and Brihaspati.

Hanuman ji Chalisa - Prayer Dedicated to Hindu God Hanumanji

Hanuman ji Chalisa is written by Goswami Tulsidas and is the most popular prayer (bhajans) dedicated to Hanuman ji. Here is the Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi Font. It is in pdf format and you can download the Chalisa Hindi in Script using pdf reader installed on your browser.
It is believed that chanting the prayer will help in attaining strength to face both physical and mental challenges.
The prayer is chanted before all auspicious events. It is considered highly meritorious to chant the prayer before going for tests, exams, interviews and job.
Link – Hanumanji  Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi font
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Vijaya – Why Arjuna in the Mahabharat is also known as Vijaya?

Vijaya is one among the ten names of Arjuna in the Mahabharata. Vijaya narrates the meaning of his names to Uttara, son of Virata. Kaurava army had stolen the cows of Virata. To get them back, the son of Virata went to battlefield with Arjuna, who was disguised as Brihannada, as his charioteer.
On seeing the Kuru army, the prince is frightened and attempts to escape from the battleground. Brihannada stops him and reveals that he is Arjuna and he will fight against the Kauravas.
But the prince is not ready to believe Brihannada. He then wants to know the various names of Arjuna. To convince the frightened prince, Arjuna narrates all his ten names and how he got them.
Arjuna in the Mahabharat is known as Vijaya because when he goes out to fight against those who are indomitable in battle, he never return without vanquishing them.
Arjuna single handedly defeats the entire Kuru army and retrieves the cows of Virata.
This incident is mentioned in the Go – Grahana Parva in the Mahabharata…

Mangalnath Darshan Yatra in Vaishakh Month in Ujjain

Mangalnath Darshan Yatra is held on every Tuesday in the month of Vaishakh to the famous MangalnathTemple in Ujjain. In 2018, Mangalnath Darshan Yatra is on April 3, April 10, April 17, April 24. The temple is dedicated to Shiva. It is also a sacred place associated with Mangal or Mars one of the Navgrahas.
The temple is located on the banks of ShipraRiver. It is mentioned in the Matsya Purana that Mangal first appeared at the spot where the present day temple is located.
The temple is visited by those suffering from Mangal related problems in their horoscope.

Vaishakh month in North India is from April 1, 2018, to April 30, 2018.

Hindu Religious Scholars to Meet in Bali on April 17, 2014

Hindu Religious Scholars from around the world are slated to gather in Denpasar, Bali, on April 17, 2014, to attend the second World Hindu Wisdom Meet. Nearly five hundred delegates from six countries, namely India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and the UK, will be taking part in the meet.  Jakarta Post reports The meeting, which will discuss Hindu ­based education, is being organized by the World Hindu Parisad, a Hindu discussion and deliberation forum that aims to expand the network of Hindus around the globe.  “We hope the meeting will result in a set of basic principles and essential referrals that can be used by Hindus for guidance in developing Hindu­ based education and educational institutions,” World Hindu Parisad’s president, Ida Pedanda Ketut Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa, said during a press conference.

Many Jivas are only reflected images of the one real self – Sri Ramana Maharishi

All loss, all vice, and all suffering are only due to the sense of ‘I’. All gain, all virtue and all happiness come from the extinction of the ego.
To the ignorant one the Self is lost on account of his ego sense. Therefore, even if he gains all things, he is still poor. On the other hand the sage, who has gained his Self by the extinction of the ego, sees nothing else to be gained.
There are no real fragments of the one supreme consciousness. The fragments appear only because of ignorance. To the sage in the supreme state, that consciousness shines as one whole, not divided into parts.
There is neither bondage nor deliverance for the real Self, who remains unswervingly whole and solitary.
In the waters of separate vessels there appear many different images of the one moon. Similarly, in the minds that inhabit bodies there appear many jivas, which are only reflected images of the one real Self.
Sri Ramana Maharishi