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Story – Five Husbands of Draupadi and the boon of Shiva

Draupadi had five husbands in the Mahabharata. There are numerous stories that indicate why Draupadi had five husbands. One story links it with a boon given by Shiva.
Legend has it that Draupadi performed intense austerities to please Shiva to get an honest, strong, skilled, handsome and intelligent husband. Shiva who is not used to the ways of the world blessed her with five husbands with one quality she asked for.
Thus Draupadi got Yudhishtira who was honest; Bhim who was strong; Arjun who was skilled; Nakul who was handsome and Sahadeva who was intelligent as her husbands.
This story is narrated to prove that Shiva is Bholenath who is ignorant of worldly ways. He is bliss, pure, ignorant of the ways of the society.

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New Venkateswara Swami Temple at Dwarapudi near Mandapeta in East Godavari District

Dwarapudi near Mandapeta in East Godavari District is very popular for an AyyappaTemple modeled on the famous SabarimalaAyyappaTemple. Now a Venkateswara SwamiTemple has been constructed in the same complex. The new temple is noted for its architecture and various murtis in the temple. It took 12 years to complete the three-storied temple. The Hindu reports  According to T.V. Krishna Reddy, member of temples committee complex, Kanakaraju is the main person who strived hard to construct this magnificent temple for one pushkaram (12 years). He said that after visiting ISKCON temple in Bangalore, it was decided to construct the temple on the same lines. He explained that this three-storied temple is having so many specialties including, golden plates, different colours of glasses, Rs.4.50 crore worth “diamond crown” with gold and navaratnas, idols of Viswaroopa, Yamadharmaraja, different avataras of Lord Maha Vishnu including Viswaroopa with marble from Rajasthan, Addala mandapam, Kalyan…

Death conquers only those who identify themselves with bodily life – Mahabharat

Awareness of self is immortality, and false knowledge which cause unawareness of the Self is indeed real death.
Those who are attached to the senses and are driven by desire and identify themselves with their bodies lead hollow lives devoid of any significance and undergo repeated cycles of birth and death.
The wise ones, overcoming desires, destroy all karma, good as well as bad, and become free from birth and death.
Through realization of the Supreme Self, death truly gets conquered.
Death conquers only those who identify themselves with bodily life.

Source - Dhritharashtra - Sanat Suajata Dialogue in the Mahabharata