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Good Devotee Sacrifices His Life for His God by Renunciation – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Rain-water falling upon the roof of a house flows down to the ground through spouts shaped grotesquely like a tiger’s head. On gets the impression that the water comes from the tiger’s mouth, but in reality it descends from the sky. In the same way the holy teachings that come from the mouths of godly men seem to be uttered by those men themselves, while in reality they proceed from God.
The moth once seeing the light never returns to darkness; the ant dies in the sugar-heap but never retreats there from. Similarly a good devotee sacrifices his life for his God by renunciation.
The Vedas, the Tantras, and the Puranas and all the sacred scriptures of the world have become as if defiled (as food thrown out of the mouth becomes polluted), because they have been constantly repeated by and have come out of human mouths. But Brahman, or the Absolute, has never been defiled, for no one as yet has been able to express It by human speech.
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa