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Jayachandi – About Goddess Jayachandi

Jayachandi is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. She is mostly associated with the Chandi appearance of Shakti. As Goddess Jayachandi, she is the destroyer of all unwanted desires that takes a human being away from the path of moksha (liberation).
Goddess Jayachandi is three-eyed like Shiva. The goddess has cream complexion. She has two arms and she holds lotus.
Jaya Chandi is propitiated by devotees to keep out destructive desires.
It must be noted that Goddess Chandi appeared in the battle against Mahishasura to annihilate demons like Shumbha, Nishumbha, Chanda and Munda.
Some of the popular forms of Goddess Chandi are Devichandi, Mangalachandi, Jayachandi, Olaichandi, Kuluichandi and Celaichandi.

Moolam Nakshatram Matching Stars for Marriage – Moolam Nakshatra Marriage Compatibility

Moolam Nakshatram matching stars for marriage in details is given below. Moolam is the 19th birth star among the 27 Nakshatra in Hindu horoscope and astrology. Moolam marriage compatibility or the very best matching stars are Magham, Atham, and Vishakam.
Other good matching stars with Moolam are Thiruvathira, Punirtham, Pooyam, Ayiliyam, Pooram, Chithira, Chothi and Triketta.
Ashwathy, Kartika (3rd and 4th quarter), Rohini, Makayiram (3rd and 4th quarter), Uthiram, Anizham, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthiradam (1st quarter), Thiruonam, Avittam, Chathayam, Pooruruttathi, Uthrittathi and Revathi are okay – means not bad.
Stars that do not match with Moolam are Bharani, Kartika (1st and 2nd quarter), Makayiram (1st and 2nd quarter) and Uthiradam (2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter).

Yoga Vasishta Philosophy on Mind

It is the nature of the mind to accept certain things and to reject others; this is bondage, nothing else.
The mind is the creator of the world, the mind is the individual; only that which is done by the mind is regarded as done, not that which is done by the body. The arm with which one embraces the wife is the very arm with which one embraces the daughter.
The mind is the cause of the objects of perception. The three worlds depend upon it. When it is dissolved the world is also dissolved. It is to be purified with effort.
The mind is bound by the latent impressions. When there are no impressions it is free. Therefore, O Rama, bring about quickly, through discrimination, the state in which there are no impressions.
Yoga Vasishta