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Difference between Parashakti and Adishakti

Parashakti and Adishakti are the forms of Supreme Mother Goddess. But is there difference between Parashakti and Adishakti? For a devotee who is immersed in unwavering devotion (Bhakti) they both lead to the same goal – Moksha or Liberation. For a devotee who is still struggling in the world of forms there is a difference.
The philosophy of various manifestations of Shiva and Shakti is associated with the Suddha Shaiva School of Shaivism.
As you might be aware that in Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), creation, sustenance and destruction follow a cyclic path. Thus at the end of one cycle - after destruction, Parashakti evolves from Shiva when His boundless mercy wills. She appears for the purpose of next cycle of creation and removal of dirt (Adharma) from the world. From this Shakti emerges other Shaktis.
For the purpose of next cycle creation and to remove dirt, from a thousandth part of Shiva emerges Parashakti.
From a thousandth part of Parashakti emerges Adishakti.
This is the differ…

Panchalimedu in Kerala – Place Associated with Pandavas and Panchali

Panchalimedu is a beautiful hillside spot located near Kuttikanam in Kerala. The place is associated with Pandavas of the Mahabharata and is named after their wife Panchali. A cave located at Panchalimedu has footprints of Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers.
Legend has it that during the exile period in the Mahabharata, Pandavas and Panchali visited the place. There is a pond located here which is known as Panchalikulam.
Thousands of devotees witness the Makarajyoti lamp lit during the SabarimalaTemple pilgrimage on January 14 from the area near Panchalikulam.
There is temple dedicated to Goddess Bhuva­neshwari at Pancahlimedu. The areas near the temple have Shivling, Trishul and Naga murtis. They are spread across the hill.
Panchalimedu is located around 10 km from Kuttikanam.
Picture source – Mathurbhumi newspaper

To see diversity in unity is a sign of ignorance – Satya Sai Baba

All are the embodiments of Brahman. You should not belittle yourself, saying you are a mere human being based on the differences of names and forms.
To see diversity in unity is a sign of ignorance.
Not being able to understand the truth is also ignorance.
Knowledge and ignorance lies in the realization of truth.
Everything in this world is permeated with knowledge. Every individual, every society is endowed with knowledge. This knowledge is the very form of God. That is the truth. That is why it is said – Brahman is the embodiment of truth, wisdom and eternity.
Satya Sai Baba