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Situational Gita - Mobile Application on Bhagavad Gita That Answers to Daily Problems

Situational Gita is a mobile application on Bhagavad Gita designed by Sreekanth Sastry of Antarjaal Innovations. 100 important Shlokas from the Gita are use the in the App. Answers to modern problems are found in the Gita but people do not have patience and time to go through the Holy Book. The application provides answers found in Gita to a particular situation that you are facing in life.

Situational Gita App is available on Apple App Store and Google Play.
The Hindu reports
“Everybody is looking for answers and the Gita is supposed to have them all,” says Sreekanth. “Nobody, however, reads the Gita because they think they won’t understand it. So we wanted to see if there was a way in which we can make it more accessible, so we broke it down into categories that we thought were everyday situations and looked for shlokas that would provide the answers to those questions,” says the youngster who quit his job in the software products industry in March to start Antarjaal. 
“The gita has about 700 shlokas and we have included about a 100 in the app, though we might update the list with more situations. Each shloka, or parts of shlokas give you answers on the situations that you are studying, such as, the behaviour of bosses at work, and you can then dig deeper.”