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Story of the Fake Head of Rama to Confuse Mata Sita

When Ravana failed to entice Mata Sita, he decided to use Maya to cheat and confuse Mata Sita. He asked one of his lieutenants, Vidyudjihva, who was adept in the art of Maya to make a head of Rama and also a bow with arrows. This episode is found in the Yudha Kanda of the Ramayana.

Ravana then entered Ashokavana and told Sita that Prahastha, his commander, killed Rama in his sleep. He cut off the head of Rama. He also informed that Vibhishana was captured. Lakshman and other monkeys ran away from the shores of Lanka. Sugriva in lying on the battlefield injured and Hanuman was killed.
To convince Sita, Ravana asked Vidyudjihva to bring the head and bow of Rama.
Ravana then lifted the bow of Sita and displayed it before her.
Sita for a moment believed that Rama was killed and the head before her was that of her husband.
Sita was in tears and she held herself responsible for the death of Rama.
Suddenly a messenger arrives at Ashokavana and informs Ravana about the arrival of Prahastha.…

The 21 Ganesha Names For Prayer

The 21 names of Ganesha are used in worship by many devotees. The names are chanted while offering prayers to Ganesh. The 21 Ganesha names are:

Mesha Rasi Color – Mesha Rashi Lucky Colour

There are two shades of red color that is associated with Mesha Rasi. The Mesha Rashi lucky colour are Blood Red and Red. Wearing red color dress and red color stones are good for this rashi people.
Please note that some regions and communities have a different color for Mesha Rashi like maganta or other shades of red.
Wearing red color dress for interviews, competitions etc are lucky for Mesha Rashi people.
For financial solutions, freedom from debt, for attain wealth etc., you can wear Red color stones.

Mahadanapuram Mahalakshmi Temple – Goddess Lakshmi Temple at Mahadanapuram in Tamil Nadu

MahadanapuramMahalakshmiTemple is a popular shrine dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi at Mahadanapuram near Krishnarayapuram in Karur District in Tamil Nadu. The most important festival in the temple is the Aadi Perukku which is held on the 18th day of Aadi Masam.
History of MahadanapuramMahalakshmiTemple Legend has it that Goddess Lakshmi appeared here when demon Andhakasura was chasing her. She took refuge in the land and asked Kurumbas who were residents of the land to protect her.
The Kurumbas protected her by invoking Shiva. They broke coconut with their bare head to please Shiva. They did this as coconut has three eyes and Shiva is also three-eyed.
Pleased with their devotion, Shiva appeared and killed the demon and protected the Kurumbas and Goddess Lakshmi.
Goddess Lakshmi decided to stay here and protect her devotees. It is said that Kurumbas had covered Goddess Lakshmi with wool reared from their sheep.
Other Details It is believed that the temple was built by the famous Krishnadeva…

Kalaraja Form of Shiva

Kalaraja is the most ferocious form of Shiva. As Kalaraja he is the lord of time and death and even time is afraid of this form. Shiva Purana explains about this most ferocious form of Shiva who controls time and everything. Kalaraja is associated with Bhairava form of Shiva that nipped the fifth head of Brahma with His left thumb.
As Kalaraja, Shiva puts an end to one cycle of creation. He devours the cosmos as Kalagni Rudra.
Kalaraja form of Shiva is the various manifestations that happen during the end of a cosmos which includes Kalagni Rudra, Mahakala, Kalabhairava, Kalapursha and Bhairav.
The Kalaraja form of Shiva appears when earth is filled with Adharma. When it is impossible for Mother Earth to tolerate, Shiva appears to put an end to the Adharma.
Words cannot describe the form of Kalaraja. The wise does not fear the Kalaraja form of Shiva because they know that all that is here is Shiva.