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Goddess Banashankari Bangalore Temple

GoddessBanashankariTemple in Bangalore is located at the S.Kariappa road. One of the unique features of the temple is that pujas are conducted here during Rahu Kala also and it is considered highly meritorious. Devotees believe that their wishes will come true if they perform Aarti with lemon (nimbe hannina arati) Goddess Banashankari during Rahu Kala (on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays) for 16 weeks.

The murti of the Goddess Banashankari worshipped in the temple is seated on a lion. The goddess possessing eight arms poses a calm look. She is seen situated in a forest (bana), surrounded by lions; and hence the name Banashankari.
The goddess is seen killing the demons Shambhu and Nishambu under her feet. On either side are women at her service.
The utsavamurthy (procession idol) of Banashankari, Sri Shakambari, Ganapathi and Parvatha Mallikarjuna Swamy are also installed as family gods.
A tortoise has been installed opposite to and facing the goddess. The tortoise is one of the vehicles…

Solar Eclipse in New Zealand in May 2013 – Surya Grahan Time in New Zealand on May 10, 2013

A partial solar eclipse, Surya Grahan, will take place in New Zealand on May 10, 2013. The eclipse begins at noon on May 10, 2013 and is visible till afternoon on May 10 in certain areas of New Zealand. At Auckland it is visible from 11:05 AM to 12:33 PM on May 10. Below is the time for various cities in New Zealand:
The partial solar eclipse is not visible in Christchurch, Dunedin
At Hamilton it is visible from 11:12 AM to 12:29 PM on May 10.
At Manukau it is visible from 11:07 AM to 12:32 PM on May 10.
At Wellington it is visible from 11:37 AM to 12:00 PM on May 10.

Darma Muneeswaran Temple Singapore Consecration Ceremony Live Online

DarmaMuneeswaranTemple in Singapore is dedicated to Shiva Gana who is a guardian deity. The 2nd Maha Kumbhabishegam or Consecration Ceremony of the 100-year old DarmaMuneeswaranTemple and its deities will be held on Wednesday, 1 May 2013. You can watch the consecration ceremony live online on May 1, 2013 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM (Singapore Time).

Darma Muneeswaran and Sri Mariamman are the deities worshipped in the temple.
The temple also has murtis of Ambal, Vinayagar, Murugan, Nagar and Bairavar.
You can watch the live streaming here at the temple website

Creativity can only come from silence – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Creativity can only come from silence. If we maintain two minutes of silences every day, then we will see that a whole new dimension of life opens up.
Anything creative and dynamic can happen only when you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.
Celebration, relaxation, a sense of belonging, and the need to regularly upgrade our skills and acquire new ones – these are priorities that we should never neglect.
It is very important to dream. But there has to be fine balance between practicality and dreams. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar