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Puja Room Direction in Hindu Home

The Puja room or prayer room direction in Hindu home should be in the northeast or east of the house. Murtis (Idols of Gods) should face west so that we face east while worshipping. 
The murtis should not be placed in bedrooms. The images of Gods also should not directly face the main door.
Murtis of Hindu Gods should not be kept in the puja area facing each other.

Story of Jayanta and Sri Ram – How Jayanta Lost His One Eye

Story of Jayanta and Sri Ram is found in the Ramayana. Bhagvan Sri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman were residing in the ChitrakutaMountain during their exile period in the Ramayana. Jayanata, son of Indra, in the form a crow was flying over the Chitrakuta and noticed the divine couple.

Sri Ram was lying on the lap of Mata Sita and sleeping. Jayanta came in the form crow and scratched Mata Sita. The painful cry of Sita woke up Sri Ram.
Bhagavan Sri Ram immediately realized that the crow was Jayanta and shot the Brahmastra against him.
Fearing for his life, Jayanta flew all over the world. But the divine arrow followed him.
Trimurtis, Devas and Saints could not save Jayanta. Finally, Jayanta took refuge at the feet of Sri Ram.
Bhagvan Sri Ram said that the Brahmastra could never become futile so the arrow will hit the right eye of Jayanta. Accordingly, the arrow struck the right of eye of Jayanta.
Note – It is also stated in some scriptures that it was not Brahmastra but darbha grass that …

Father of Sita – Who is the Father of Mata Sita in the Ramayana?

Mata Sita an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and appeared on earth with the sole purpose of being the wife of Sri Ram, the incarnation of Vishnu. There is no straight answer to as who is the father of Sita in Ramayana. This is because King Janaka had got Mata Sita while ploughing the field.
But in most scriptures, King Janaka is considered to be the father of Sita as he received him from Mother Earth.
It must be noted that there are several regional folk stories which suggest that Ravana was the father of Sita but this is not based on any scriptural authority.

Swami Vivekananda Coin - 150 Birth Anniversary Coin on Sale – Book Online at India Government Mint

India Government Mint, Kolkata has made arrangements for the sale of commemorative coin sets in Proof and Uncirculated varieties released on the occasion of ‘150 Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda'. The denomination of the coins are 150 rupees and 5 rupees and is available as a set. The set of coins are priced at Rs. 4,414.

You can make bookings for the coin from April 1, 2013 to May 31, 2013.
You can book online or using order form.
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