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Giga Image of Madurai Meenakshi Temple Gopuram in Tamil Nadu

Giga Image of Madurai Meenakshi Temple Gopuram is developed by Leen Thobias of Giga Image is based on technology developed by NASA which provides complete detail of an image. The world famous SriMaduraiMeenakshiTemple at Madurai in Tamil Nadu is famous for its Gopuram – monumental entrance tower with thousands of sculptors.

In the Giga Image, each sculptor on the north, south, east and west Gopurams of MaduraiMeenakshiTemple can be viewed in full detail.
There are nearly a thousand sculptors on the Gopurams.
Link – Madurai Meenakshi Temple Gopuram Giga Image

Jiddu Krishnamurti – Words of Wisdom

A mind that can meet a challenge with total energy is not creating a problem. It is only a mind that is responding to a challenge with a background, with its conditioning which is always inadequate that creates a problem.

We cannot maintain total awareness all the time. How can we? To be aware from moment to moment is enough. If one is totally aware for a minute or two, and the relax, and in that relaxation spontaneously observes the operations of one’s own mind, one will discover much more in that spontaneity than in the effort to watch continuously.
It may last one second – you are completely aware one second, and the next second you may be attentive…. Do not say inattention must become attention – thereby you are introducing conflict, and in that conflict awareness and attention completely end. Jiddu Krishnamurti