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Why Dasaratha Had to Send Sri Ram to the Forest?

Dasaratha, the king of Ayodhya and father of Sri Ram, had to send his son to the forest for 14 years due to a curse. King Dasaratha was a great warrior and he had even helped Indra in the war in against demons. He was one of the greatest archers and could hit an arrow on target by merely listening to the source of the sound. One day the king was on a hunting expedition near a forest in Ayodhya. The king could not find any animal for a long period of time. Then he suddenly heard a sound of some animal drinking water. He shot an arrow in the direction of the sound and suddenly he heard the cry of a man. To his utter dismay, the king found that he had shot a young man. The young man was Shravan Kumar a devoted son. He used to carry his blind parents in two baskets and carry them by tying the baskets to the two ends of a strong pole. When the unfortunate incident took place, young Shravan Kumar was collecting water for his blind parents. Shravan Kumar pardoned Dasarath

Largest and Tallest Shivling in the World

There are no official statements regarding world’s largest and tallest Shivling. So there are many temples and sacred places claiming that it houses the largest Shivling in the world. Here is a look at some of the tallest Shivlings the world. Shivling at Arjundhara in Jhapa , Nepal A 151-feet long Shivling installed at Arjundhara of Jhapa in Nepal is currently believed to be the tallest in the world. The Shivling is known as Moksheswar Shivling. (Please note that there is no official confirmation regarding the height of this Shivling) Shivling at Kotilingeshwara Temple in Kolar District in Karnataka The Shivling at the world famous Kotilingeshwara Temple in Kolar District in Karnataka is 108 feet. This unique spot also houses a 35 feet Nandi and millions of Small Shivling. Tallest Naturally Formed Shivling It is believed that tallest naturally formed Shivling in  India  is located at the  Sidheshwarnath   Temple  at Lower Subansiri District i