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Story of the Previous Birth of Kubera

In Hindu tradition, Kuber is the treasurer of wealth and he distributes it among people. A story in the scriptures indicates that Kubera got the opportunity to be the treasurer of wealth due to the blessing of Shiva. In his previous birth Kuber was a known as Gunnidhi. He used to perform all his duties – both religious and family – exceedingly well.

But due to bad friendship, Gunnidhi started losing interest in his duties. He started squandering the wealth of his father. His mother who knew about the change of character of her did not inform the father.
Soon Gunnidhi lost all his wealth. Fearing the anger of his father, Gunnidhi ran away to the forest.  After walking deep into the forest, he came across as ShivaTemple. It was a Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi Tithi and people were observing monthly Shivratri Vrat.
Gunnidhi had not eaten any food on the day and he was thirsty and hungry. He was happy to see the puja offerings in the temple.
He decided to steal the food offerings after peo…