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Random Quotes from Ramayana – Words of Bhagavan Sri Ram

Devotion means universal love.

It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman; your caste, name and position are not taken into account…Devotion is the only thing that is essential to worship the One.
When you truly understand that the Atman, which is your true Self, is without any attribute or attachment, you should give up your identification with your body which is inert and impermanent. So seek the true nature of Atman.
Don’t you see the great sky reflected in each and every lake or river? Paramatman is the sky which is stationary. Its reflections are not permanent… Paramatman, which is the Brahman, is the only reality. All the visible living things are only its reflections.
Source – Book - Teachers of Wisdom  By Igor Kononenko, Irena Kononenko