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Story of how Vishnu got the name Madhusudana

Madhusudana is one among the numerous names of Vishnu. He got this name after he annihilated the demon named Madhusudana. Legend has it that Madhu and Kaitabha came of Narayana’s ear. This happened at the beginning of a cycle of creation.

Narayana lies on the milky ocean and from the navel in his lotus appeared Brahma. Similarly, Madhu and Kaitabha appeared from the ears of Narayana.
They both then attempted to kill Brahma. Narayana then annihilated the demons and got the name Madhusudana.

Impact of Vedic Pravargya Ritual on Nature to be Studied by Professors from Harvard University

Pravargya Ritual is the introductory part of Somayagam (Agnishtomam). It is believed that the 'Pravargya' rituals help cleanse nature. Scholars from Harvard University will be documenting all the rituals associated with Pravargya and its impact on nature.
Times of India reports  The scholars, Michael Witzel, department of south-Asian studies in Harvard University, Finnian Moore Gerety, department of Sanskrit, Harvard University and T P Mahadevan, professor of Indology at Howard University, Washington DC, will document all the rituals related to 'Pravargya' and conduct a detailed study on the positive and negative impacts of the rituals on the atmosphere with the support of scientists. Various studies have been conducted in the past on the effect of the Yaga rituals on the atmosphere. And scientists from Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) had found that the 'Yaga' had had a positive impact on soil, air and the atmosphere in general. However, the…

Words are subject to limitations, whereas Supreme Truth is beyond words – Swami Rama

Each person creates a stage, a laboratory or a drama to penetrate the debris covering the Atman. The day will come when we will realize our true identity as both the one who is watching the drama and the actor. Then there will be true understanding and oneness.

Words are subject to limitations, whereas God, Self or Consciousness are beyond words, beyond the limited mind and intellect. As soon as God is considered and defined by the limited mind, God becomes limited.
The treasure is buried under layers of ego, desires, emotions, habits and other imbedded thought patterns. Atman, the individual’s real identity is waiting within. It takes nothing more than the realization of this fact to truly know it. Just be awake to it.
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