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Grih Pravesh – House Warming – in Adhika Mahina – Extra Month

Adhik Mahina is an extra month added to Hindu lunar calendars followed in North India, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka once in 2.5 years. Grih Pravesh or House warming is not performed in Adhik Mahina.

Apart from moving in new house, there are several other rituals that are not performed in Adhika Mahina.

They are Chaula, Upanayana, Samavartana, Vivaha, Purchase of new items (House, Gold etc), Nutana Vrata Arambha, Vrata Udyapana, Shantis like Shashti Poorti Shanti, Tirtha Yatra, Moorti Pratishtapana etc.

Path to Enjoy Freedom Once And For All from Delusion and Grief – Swami Sivananda

You are not this perishable body; you are not this deluded mind; you are not this puny thing which you call ‘I’. No. You are the immortal, eternal, all-blissful Atman or Brahman the Infinite, whose essential nature is Sat-Chit-Ananda (existence, knowledge, bliss-absolute). Therefore, arise, awake and realize the Self. That is the goal of your life.
All that exists is nothing but your own Self. Direct realization of this Truth will free you at once from all delusion and grief. That is the goal of life.
Don’t you like to enjoy freedom once and for all from delusion and grief? You can very easily reach the goal. God is all-merciful. In a thousand ways He comes to you to teach you and to lead you towards the goal of life.
He comes to you as soul-awakening experiences. What do you see around you? Janma (birth), Mrityu (death), Jara, (old age), Vyadhi (disease) and Dukkha (misery). These exist to remind you of the nature of the mundane life and to goad you to lead the divine life so that y…