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Website of Sanskrit colleges in Karnataka under Karnataka Samskrit University

KarnatakaSamskritUniversity has created an official website with information about Sanskrit colleges, courses, library etc. The website is available in English, Kannada and Sanskrit. Students can also download various forms including applications forms of new courses.

Link - Website of Sanskrit colleges under Karnataka Samskrit University

Sri Muruganar Quotes

For the man of Truth, seeking experience of the supreme state, the heroic action needed, is to draw in, the outward darting mind, and fix it firmly in the Heart.

Don't meditate at intervals. Abide without a break of steady Self-awareness. Instead of plucking hair after itching hair of thought, better shave the whole scalp clean.
If the mind turned outward and distracted, starts observing its own being, alienation ends, and the vestige ego, merges in the light of true Awareness, shining in the heart.
O mind, you wander far in search of bliss, not knowing your natural state of freedom. You will regain your home of infinite bliss, only if you go back the way you came.