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Temple Tours and Wedding Puja for Early Marriage

Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation is organizing temple tours to 11 temples in Tamil Nadu where prayers and pujas are offered for early marriage. It is believed that those people are facing problems and delay in marriage will benefit from offering pujas and prayers in these temples.

The temple tours will be organized by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation during weekends starting from June 1, 2012.
Deccan Chronicle reports
“This specially designed package tour for unmarried will not only showcase the ancient pilgrim spots in the state known for long as centers for performing wedding poojas but also offer an opportunity for the unmarried to perform the poojas,” a senior TTDC official said. 

The corporation has made arrangements with the temple administration for conducting poojas. 

The service leaving on Friday evening from here will cover the temples: Mudichur, Tiruvidanthai, Tirumanamcheri, Tiruveelimazhalai, Nallur Kalyana Sundareshwarar, Nathchiar Koil, Uppiliappan Koil, Madurai Sri Meenakshi Sundareshwarar temple, Tiruvengadam, Tiruchery and Tirukarukavur, and return Monday morning. 
The temples covered are either dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Lord Siva and are known as pilgrim spots where the God gets married. 
At Tiruveelimazhalai temple for instance, Lord Siva married Kathyayani. At Tiruvidanathai (in Mahabhalipuram), Goddess Lakshmi is known here as Komalavallithayaru and Lord Vishnu who married 360 daughters of a saint, is called Nithya Kalyana Perumal. 
The Gharbharakshambikai temple at Tirukarukavur is also included in the itinerary as the Goddess of this temple grants the boon of children.
The tour, inclusive of accommodation, comes for Rs 2,600 per person.