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Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 13 Teachings on the Values Necessary to Know Truth

Absence of conceit and pretence, refusal to hurt, glad acceptance, rectitude, service to the teacher, inner and outer purity, perseverance, mastery over mind.

Dispassionate towards sense objects, absence of self importance, knowledge of the limitation of birth, death, old age, illness and pain.

Absence of sense of ownership, absence of obsession towards son, wife, house and the others, persistent equanimity towards all pleasant and unpleasant events.

Constant devotion to Me (Sri Krishna), characterized by non-separation from Me; preference for a solitary place and absence of inclination towards socialization.

Accepting the importance of Self realization, and the philosophical search for the absolute Truth – these are declared to be knowledge, whatever else there many be besides that is ignorance.