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Baba Jai Gurudev Quotes and Thoughts – Teachings of Param Sant Baba Jaigurudevji Maharaj

Param Sant Baba Jaigurudevji Maharaj passed away on May 18, 2012. Here are few thoughts and quotes of the great teacher. Ideal way to show respect to a great soul is by following his teachings.

Param Sant Baba Jaigurudev Ji Maharaj attributes the present state of humanity to the five-fold inner weaknesses of man: i.e. lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism.

We have attained the human form after passing millions of ages in the lower species of life. We should therefore utilize this human body to the fullest extent and for the very purpose for which it is extended. 

The main objective of getting this valuable gift – the human body – is to know ourselves and our creator and return to our original Home, the ocean of eternal peace and bliss, free from all pain and miseries.

God has kept a treasure in human body. Only the true spiritual master knows the place. It is with his grace that the inner door of the treasure is revealed and opened. 

The human body is a rented house and has been given for a fixed period of time. After the expiry of the period the soul will be separated from the body and the body will remain lifeless. Therefore think as to from where you have come. Sit in meditation after controlling mind then the ear of the soul will hear spiritual sound of bliss.

This whole world is not our home, nor will this world remain as it is today, it is perishable and unstable, all good and bad is subject to change. This land is the land of death and life, like the house of clay or sand it can be destroyed at any time. All the materialistic entanglements of life, money, gold, houses, palaces, and relations are short lived, nothing goes with us and these entanglements only have made man forget Bhagavan or the Supreme Truth. 

A sensible man knows that this world is impermanent; it is all illusion and subject to dissolution. That is why detachment is a must, absence of attachment is detachment. God has given us very limited, rather counted, breaths and in those breaths only we have to reach our Almighty through meditation.