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Story of Saint Jalali

Saint Jalali is mentioned in the Puranas and it is said that his Tapas was so intense that birds made nest on this head. Sage Jalali lived in a forest and performed several intense austerities. He gained mastery over the elements – rain, sun, wind and cold had no effect on him. He used to stand and meditate for several days together.
Once Sage Jalali stood like a pillar for several days and meditated. Two birds built their nests on the matted hair of Sage Jalali. The Sage thought this as a reward for his devotion and did not move. The birds left every morning and returned in the evening.
After a few days the bird laid eggs. The nest was closely guarded by the birds. Sage Jalali stood like a pillar. The eggs hatched. In due course of time the little ones got wings. They grew up and went out with the parent birds. All this while, the Sage was thinking about the greatness of his meditation.
Once the birds went and did not return for several days. But Sage Jalali stood his ground. Then t…

Sri Sankara TV Live Online – Watch Spiritual Channel for Free

Sri Sankara TV is a multilingual television channel propagating the true values of Sanatana Dharma. Sri Sankara TV is now available online and  you can watch the channel for free. The channel caters to all ages and programs include spiritual discourses, bhajans, prayers, important informations, question and answer sessions etc.

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He who has realized Brahman can only say Brahman is everywhere – Sri Ramakrishna

Maya may be compared to a snake that is active and moving, while Brahman is like the snake absolutely still. Maya is the name of the manifested powers of the Absolute and Immovable Reality which is called Brahman.

In the course of his instruction of his disciple, the Guru raised two fingers by which he meant the duality of ‘Brahman and Maya’, then lowering one finger, he taught him that when Maya vanishes, nothing of the universe remains but the one Absolute Brahman.
He who tries to give an idea of God by mere book learning, is like the man who tries to give an idea of Kashi by means of a map or picture.
He who has realized Brahman can only say Brahman is everywhere.
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