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Chaubis Avatar – Vishnu Temple in Haridwar

Chaubis Avatar Temple is a unique shrine in Haridwar as it houses the murtis of 24 incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu. Chaubis Avatar temple is located near the Bhimgoda. It is around 300 m from Har Ki Paudi. Apart from the 10 main avatars, Vishnu has also taken numerous minor Avatars. The murtis in this temple include the 10 main avatars another 14 minor avatars. Some of minor incarnations include Mohini, Hayagriva, Dhanvantari, Dattatreya, Sage Kapila etc. Related Lesser Known Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

Books on Goddess Lakshmi – Top Five Good Books on Hindu Goddess Mahalakshmi

Exclusive books dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi are rare. But there couple of good books that provide all the essential information on Goddess Lakshmi , the Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune, auspiciousness, fortune, power, luxury, beauty and fertility. Here are the top five books to know and learn more about Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune – An introduction – Devdutt Pattanaik The best option for children and adults. Full of illustrations and all important aspects of Goddess Lakshmi are explained in simple sentences. The Book of Lakshmi – by R. Mahalakshmi Takes the reader through the mythical and historical development of the Goddess Lakshmi. Apart from telling the stories, facts and rituals associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the book also delves into the gender bias in the worship of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi: origin and development - Upendra Nath Dhal In depth analysis of Goddess Lak