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Satyanarayan Temple, Haridwar

SatyanarayanTemple dedicated to the Satyanarayana form of Hindu God Vishnu. The temple is located in Rishikesh area. It is around 10 km from Haridwar. Satyanarayana is a highly compassionate form of Vishnu.
There is pond here which is famous for taking holy dip. The holy bath is considered highly meritorious.
The temple is located around 5 km from Saptadhara.
Devotees going to Rishikesh from Haridwar stop at this temple. It is not crowded during weekdays.

About Official Website of Mahalakshmi Temple Kolhapur

MahalakshmiTemple at Kolhapur is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and the popular belief is that visit to TirupatiBalajiTemple is incomplete without visiting Goddess Laxmi at Kolhapur. The official governing body of Mahalaxmi temple has created an official website of the temple. It provides all the basic information in English.
Link - Website of Mahalakshmi TempleKolhapur

To read without thinking is like accumulating building materials without building anything – Rabindranath Tagore

Let no such superstition be nurtured in the mind of children that learning is reading books. It is to be a known at every step that the treasures of books are accumulated from the storehouse of Nature, and this should be, and we also have the authority to have it in the same way.

The power of thought and the power of imagination are indispensable to us for discharging the duties of life. We cannot do without these two powers if we want to live like real men. And unless we cultivate them in childhood we cannot have them when we are grown up.
To read without thinking is like accumulating building materials without building anything.
Our conscious mind occupies only a superficial layer of our life; the subconscious mind is almost fathomless in its depth.
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