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Carnatic Music Online on Radioweb – Listen to Classical Music – Interviews with Artists

Radioweb provides carnatic music online with curated shows every day by media professionals who have an understanding and deep passion for Carnatic music. Radioweb aims to provide a complete musical experience with not just playing the classical music but providing all vital information including interviews with Artists.

Some of the interesting sections in the website include Artiste highlight, composer showcase, Bhakti manjari, etc
The Service is not free.
There is a 7-day free trial with unlimited access.
LinkRadioweb - Carnatic Music Online

To be in full union with the Divine is the final aim – Sri Aurobindo

The absolute is in itself indefinable by reason, ineffable to the speech; it has to be approached through experience.

Action solves the difficulties which action creates. Inaction can only paralyse and delay.
To be in full union with the Divine is the final aim.
The nearer we get to the absolute Ananda, the greater becomes our joy in man and the universe.
The artificiality of much in  human life is the cause of its most deepseated maladies; it is not faithful to itself or sincere with Nature and therefore it stumbles and suffers. Sri Aurobindo
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