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Story of Hanuman in Jain Ramayana

There are numerous retellings of Valmiki Ramayana. Each retelling is based on the teachings and ideas of a particular religion or community or sect. In Jain retelling of Ramayana, the main difference from the original is that Hanuman is not a celibate. Here is the synopsis of the story of Hanuman in Jain Ramayana – the story from Paumacariya (meaning the deeds of Padma – the Jain name of Sri Ram) of Vimalasuri.

The key difference from the original –  Hanuman is not mentioned as an Amsha Avatara of Shiva.He is the son of a Vanara who has a name sounding like Pavan – the Hindu wind god.Hanuman is a relative of Ravana.Hanuman marries relatives of Ravana.He allies with Sugriva through marriages with family members of Sugriva.Hanuman is at first angry at Sri Ram for killing a relative of Ravana. As per Vimalasuri’s retelling Hanuman belongs to the Vanara lineage. Vanara and Rakshasa (to which Ravana belongs) belong to the Vidyadhara lineage. This lineage consists of super beings who can ch…