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Guru Sangamam - Confederation of Indigenous Spiritual Movements

Guru Sangaman literally means a confluence of Gurus. This is a confederation of indigenous spiritual movements of India – an initiative by the present heads of the ancient spiritual lineages of the country to present the various hues and colors of Indian spirituality on a common platform.

The first meeting of the confederation has been fixed on 12th April 2012, between 11:00 am and 4:30 pm in New Delhi.

Objectives of Guru Sangamam
To create a common non-religious, non-political platform for all spiritual movements having their origin in the sacred land of India and which are focused towards spiritual liberation of an individual, irrespective of one's caste, creed, belief or ritual.
To nurture the fundamental longing in a human being to seek the truth about the nature of one's existence.
To educate the world about the universal nature of India's spirituality
To collectively work towards presenting India as the "Spiritual Capital of the World," in a manner that is efficient, comprehensive, cohesive, and relevant to the present times.