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Official website of Tara Tarini Temple at Berhampur in Ganjam in Orissa

TaraTariniTemple is a popular temple dedicated to Goddess Shakti and is one among the 51 Shakti Peeths. The administrative body of the temple has created an official website of TaraTariniTemple. The temple is located about 30 km from Berhampur in Ganjam District in Orissa.
The website contains all details regarding accommodation and sevas conducted in the temple. Currently there is no live darshan and other internet based services like e-donation or accommodation booking.
LinkOfficial website of Tara Tarini Temple

Vasanthotsavam 2018 at Tirupati Balaji Temple – Vasantotsava in Chaitra Month

Vasanthotsavan is an annual festival held in Chaitra month (March – April) at the famous Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple. Vasantotsava 2018 date is from March 29 to March 31. The festival is held from Chaitra Shukla Paksha Trayodasi to Chaitra Purnima as per traditional Hindu calendar and Panchangam followed by Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple. The Vasanthotsav was started in 1360 AD as per the temple records.

Vasantha means ‘spring’ and utsavam means ‘festival’. The festival is held at the Vaibhavotsava Mandapam.
Snapana Thirumanjanam Abhishekam (Holy bathing) is performed to the utsava murthy of Venkateshwara and his consorts on all the three days.
On the third day, abhishekam is performed to the murits of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman along with Krishna and Rukmini.
Procession of the consecrated murtis are taken in a procession in the evening on all the three days.

The Tirupati Balaji Temple complex and it surroundings are well decorated with lights, flowers and other decoration…

Avvaiyar Teachings

Big is the frond of the palm but scentless; sweet scented is the tiny magizha flower. Judge not men therefore from size merely. The vast ocean has water not fit for a bath; the tiny spring by its side has good drinking water.
Thought it is really rice that sprouts out of the husk, yet if the husk be gone paddy will not grow; likewise even unto men of great energy, nothing will be possible except with suitable instruments.
Harsh words do not conquer soft ones; the arrow that strikes down elephants harms not a piece of cotton; the rock that is not split with the long iron crowbar, splits when the roots of a tender shrub enter it.
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Avvaiyar – the Tamil saint-poetess lived thousands of years ago, propagating virtues, morality and spirituality through simple poems.