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Chaitra Month Tuesdays at Taratarini Temple at Berhampur in Orissa

The Tuesdays in Chaitra Month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Orissa is of great importance at the famous Taratarini Temple at Berhampur in Orissa. This is the most important festival observed at the Tara Tarini Pitha – one of the important Goddess Shakti Temples in India . In 2023, the auspicious dates are March 9, March 16, March 23, March 30 and April 4. More than a million devotees visit the temple during the Chaitra Month. More than 200,000 devotees alone visit the shrine on the four Tuesdays in the month.   The highlight of the festival is the offering of hair to the deity by many devotees. Special arrangements are made for this and nearly 1000 barbers work overtime during the period. The popular belief is that breast of Goddess Sati fell here and thus making it one of the most powerful Shakti Peeth in the country. Goddesses Tara-Tarini is the presiding deity in most houses in  Southern Orissa . This important and famous Shakti Pitha is situat

A Quiz based on the Holi Festival

This is a quiz based on the Holi festival. The aim of the quiz is to introduce the various aspects of Holi celebrations and also how Holi is celebrated in different parts of India . The Quiz is embedded below: quiz on Holi - ProProfs Related Quiz on Vahanas or vehicles in Hindu tradition. Quiz on Hindu God Shiva Ramayan Quiz – A Quiz on Hindu God Ram Hanuman Quiz – A quiz on the life of Hindu God Hanuman A Quiz on the Narasimha Incarnation of Lord Vishnu A Quiz on Nagas or Serpents in Hindu Tradition A Quiz on Child Krishna – Based on Bhagavad Purana A Quiz on Popular Hindu Festivals Quiz on Makar Sankranti