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Pehowa Teerth Mela

Pehowa Teerth Mela is annually held at Pehowa near Kurukshetra in Haryana. A small pond here is believed to be River Saraswati which has gone underground. Pehowa Teerth Mela 2018 date is March 16. It is observed on the Chaitra Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi day as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.

The fair attracts thousands of people. The belief is that people who met their death in accidents or were killed get moksha if Shradh is performed here.
A temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswati is located here. Legend has it that King Prithu performed Shradh here for his father. The holiness of this tirth is mentioned in Puranas.

Live Darshan from Mahavir Mandir in Patna in Bihar – Online Darshan from Hanuman Temple

Mahavir Mandir in Patna in Bihar is one of the most popular Hanuman temples in India. The Bihar Mahavir Mandir Trust is now offering online live darshan. To watch the live darshan all you need is a window media player installed. Thousands of devotees visit the temple daily and it is believed that the darshan of Mahavir Hanuman helps in fulfilling all the wishes.
Link - Live Darshan from Mahavir Mandir in Patna (In the link page click on the image to have the live darshan.)

Patience is the strength which man needs – Sathya Sai Baba

Those who seek bliss in the Atman should not run after the joys of sense objects.
Just as a body has no breath is useless and begins to rot and stink, similarly life without the Truth is useless and becomes the stinking abode of strife and grief.
Believe that there is nothing greater than the Truth, nothing more precious, nothing sweeter, and nothing more lasting.
First give up the evil tendency to feel envious at the prosperity of others and the desire to harm them. Be happy that others are happy! Sympathize with those who are in adversity and wish for their prosperity. That is the means of cultivating love for God.
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Sourcebook titled – Sathya Sai Baba – the Christ of our Days.