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Narmada Pushkaram in 2012 at Amarkantak

Narmada Pushkaram is held once in 12 years at the origin point of Narmada River at Amarkanta in Madhya Pradesh. Narmada Pushkaram 2012 dates are from May 17 to May 28, 2012. This pushkaram is held when Jupiter enters Vrishabha Rasi. The main ritual includes taking holy dip in the Narmada River and Narmada Kund.
Narmadakund is a pool at the place of origin of Narmada River. Devotees will be taking bath here during the Pushkaram.
A Pushakaram takes place once in 12 years when Jupitar (Brishaspati) enters a particular zodiac.
There are total of 12 rivers where Pushkaram takes place. The most famous is the Godavari Pushkaram.
The ritual of pushkaram is more popular in Andhra Pradesh.

Goddess Devasena, consort of Muruga

Goddess Devasena is the consort of Hindu God Muruga – who is also known as Kartik or Subrahmanya. Devasena is worshipped mainly in South India and is also known as Shasti Devi.

The popular belief is that the Shasti fasting dedicated to Muruga on the sixth day after Amavasya becomes even more meritorious when pujas are offered to Devasena.
The popular belief is that propitiating her will bring in peace, prosperity and healthy children.
Goddess Devasena is always worshipped as a beautifully dressed wife. She is fair and wears jewelry and traditional attire.
Legend has it that Devasena took birth as the daughter of Indra to marry Muruga.
Goddess Devasena is also known as Devayani and Jayanti.

Where to Buy Natural Holi Color Powders in Delhi – Eco-friendly Colors for Holi Festival

Natural Holi color powders made from natural products - flowers, leaves, herbs, fruits, seeds - helps in keeping out the dangers that the chemical colors does to your skin and eyes. Today natural colours are sold in packets by numerous individuals and NGOs in Delhi. On such NGO is eCoexist, a Pune-based social enterprise dealing in natural and recycled products in India. They promote a range of natural colours under the name Rang Dulaar.

Rang Dulaar colours are free from any chemical content and have been made by the women of the Malnad Seed Collective at Sirsi in Karnataka. The colors are produced using flowers, turmeric, henna and others herbs.
Here are the stores that sell the natural colors produced by eCoexist in Delhi:

South Delhi
(S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019
Tel: 011-26027845/ 26213088, (Greater Kailash)

Central Delhi: Connaught Place
People Tree
8, Regal Building, Parliament Street,
New Delhi-110001
Tel: 011-23744877

Gifts of Love
224, DT City Centre…

Truth is what the soul has seen and experienced; the rest is appearance, prejudice, and opinion – Sri Aurobindo

The Vedic deities represent the various cosmic powers. The Gods are forces of Nature as well as the forces found in the physical body. Anyone who desires to progress spiritually and attain spiritual perfection has to strive towards the development of these Godheads in himself. The external rituals found in the Vedas have a corresponding inner ritual for a spiritual aspirant who wants to elevate himself.
Truth is what the soul has seen and experienced; the rest is appearance, prejudice, and opinion.
A criticism that ignores or belittles the significance of the unsurpassed record and the splendor the self expressing spirit and creative intelligence of the Vedas, stands convicted at one of a blind malignity or an invincible prejudice and does not merit refutation.
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