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Triyambake, Goddess Durga with Three Eyes

Goddess Durga is sometimes depicted as having three eyes. When she is depicted with three eyes she is referred as Triyambake. The three yes of Goddess Durga is similar to Shiva – the third eye represents fire – symbolically knowledge that consumes ignorance.

Symbolically the left eye of Goddess Durga represents desire - the moon; the right eye represents action (the sun) and the third eye on the forehead depicts knowledge (fire).
Triyambake name is found in all the important prayers dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Teachings on Paramatma and Jivatma – Bhagavan Sri Ram

It is the shadow of the Paramatma (Supreme Truth or God) that you see reflected in all the living beings as Jivatman (Eternal Self or Soul)
Paramatma alone is real; this world is unreal (maya). The latter appears as real in man's vision, hearing and thoughts, but it lasts only as long as the things seen in a dream last.
This Atman (Eternal Self) is certainly different from the body, senses, mind, and prana. It is blissful, supreme, non-dual, permanent, formless, sinless, and pure. The moment this realization comes to you, you are liberated.
If you constantly think of the Atman, your mind will be purified and your ignorance will be uprooted along with the past tendencies, just as your ailments will completely disappear by your taking medicine daily. When the mind is pure, you will get unalloyed bliss.
When one realizes the truth of the unity between the Jivatma (soul of man) and the Paramatma (God) whether by instruction from the guru or from spiritual texts, that every moment the…