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Morgaon Ganesh Temple Palki Yatra from Mangalmurti temple in Chinchwad

A Palki yatra – with palanquin of Ganesh murti – to the famous Morgaon Ganesha Temple is held annually during the Magh Ganesh Jayanti and Bhadrapada Ganesh Chaturthi from the Mangalmurti temple in Chinchwad in Maharashtra. Morgaon Ganesha Temple is one among the Ashtavinayak Temples in Maharashtra. Morgaon Ganesha Temple Palki Yatra 2024 date is February 13 and September 7.

Ganapatya saint Morya Gosavi was closely associated with the Morgaon Ganesha Temple. It was he who established the famous Mangal Murti temple in Chinchwad. So the annual yatra is sort of thanksgiving. Thousands of people participate in the yatra. The follow the murti of Ganesha to the temple.

Legend has it that Morgaon Ganesha Temple came into being after Ganesh overpowered demon Sindhu. It is the first temple visited in the Ashtavinayak spiritual tour – visiting eight shrines of Ganesh.

The Palki Yatra is spread over two days.