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Mookam Karoti Vachalam Prayer with English Meaning

Mookam Karoti Vachalam is a prayer dedicated to Sri Krishna. The prayer extols that Supreme Bliss can be achieved through the unwavering devotion of Sri Krishna. The prayer is given below in Hindi with English transliteration and English meaning.

The meaning - Salutations to Sri Krishna, who is the personification of Supreme joy.
By His grace even the dumb can become eloquent in speech, and the lame can cross over mountains (of obstacles in life).

God is not attracted to outer appearances but rather by the cleanliness of the inner self – Shirdi Sai Baba

God is not attracted to outer appearances but rather by the cleanliness of the inner self.

Amongst bhaktas there is no high and no low. All are one. If one’s heart overflows with love to God, differences between man and creatures pale away into insignificance.
Take what comes. Be contented and cheerful. Never worry. Not a leaf moves but by His consent and will.
We should not harbor envy, rivalry, or combative disposition towards others. If others hate us, let us simply take to Nama Japa and avoid their company.
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Today – January 14, 2012 – is Uttarayan in Gujarat

Today – January 14, 2012 – is Uttarayan is the northern transit of Sun or Surya. This transit begins with the sun's entry into Makar Rashi or Capricorn Zodiac and is also known as Sankranti. The term Uttarayan is popularly used in Gujarat. The northward transit of the sun is considered highly auspicious as it marks the beginning of the day time of the Devas or Gods. According to Saint Jaimini, 12 hours and 46 minutes pre-and-post Sankranti is considered sacred. During this period making donations and helping poor is believed to bring merit to the donor.
Symbolically, the northern path is considered to be the path of Moksha. The six months from this day is the day time of Devas. A human year is a single day of Devas.
In Gujarat, special food is cooked on the day using grains from fresh harvest. Special food is also offered to domesticated animals.
Uttarayan is also popularly known for kite flying festival in Gujarat. Thousands of kites takes to the sky during the period and kite fl…

Today’s Hindu Calendar – January 14, 2012 – Tithi, Vrat, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festival

Tithi in Hindu Calendar on January 14, 2012 – Krishna Paksha Panchami and Sashti or the fifth and sixth day during the waning phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in all places. It is Krishna Paksha Panchami tithi till 8:05 AM on January 14, 2012. Afterwards it is Krishna Paksha Sashti or the sixth day during the dark phase of moon. Sashti tithi ends at 6:02 AM on January 15. All time based on India Standard Time.
Nakshatra – Purvaphalguni or Pooram Nakshatra till 3:51 AM on January 14, 2012. Afterwards it is Uttaraphalguni or Uthiram Nakshatram
Rashi or Moon Sign – Simha Rashi till 9:27 AM. Then onwards it is Kanya Rashi.
Festivals, Vrat and Auspicious days – Bhogi in South India. Uttarayan in Gujarat. Makar Sankranti in some regions but in all places time for holy bath and puja is on January 15 morning. 
Poush Krishna Paksha Panchami and Sashti Tithi or the fifth and sixth day during the dark phase of moon in Poush month in calendars followed in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Mahar…